Anybody own a Lexus ES 350?


Feb 25, 2007
i think this is the car my cousin and i took on a weekend trip (it belongs to his sister). it is FABULOUS! :heart: typical lexus with a smooth smooth ride and very comfortable interior. the front seats can be heated or cooled. the navigational system was really handy, although you can't input while the car is moving (good safety feature, but as a passenger, its inconvenient). it has keyless entry and engine start. i didn't drive it.. too scared too! but another one of my friends did and he preferred it over a bmw. i don't know how it compared to other luxury vehicles but i really liked it.


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Apr 24, 2006
I really like the Lexus RX, but I test drove the Lexus IS, Infiniti G and the BMW 3 series...the BMW was by far my fave.

I personally think that the IS's interior isn't the best, and there (IMHO) is no comparison to the way that it drives to the BMW.

The G series sedan was slightly better than the Lexus...TONS of standard options.

I just melted when I drove the 3 series though :smile:

The nice thing with ANY Lexus is the reliability, and I personally think that they make the most beautiful charcoal gray color...TDF!!

Good luck choosing your car! My advice is to test drive, test drive, test drive!! AND read reviews from independent sites like


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Aug 22, 2006
I own a Lexus, but not an ES. I researched the heck out of my car before buying on

They are really honest about pros and cons and really happy when women stop by! I even found a great mechanic through there when I did buy my car.

I found that site last week and asked a few questions but like you said its mainly men. I was wondering if my fellow sistas had any opinions. I currently drive a 99 gs300 and its time to upgrade.

Thans for your help!