anybody out there with a grenat city?

  1. i really want to see a grenat city, does anyone have one that can model some pictures for us pretty please??
  2. D'oh, nevermind, I can't find my pics.
  3. welp, i had one of these beauties, but sold her recently, take a look :love:
    DSCF2724 REV.jpg
  4. aaallabama, it's beautifullll can you tell me why did you sold it?
  5. awe, thanks so much, it was the prettiest grenat city i've seen :tender:...but i sold her to help pay my doggy's vet bills :heart:
  6. aWW, you're so wise, i would have been torn. was it big on you? because i wanted the first instead.

  7. nope, i'm only 5'2", but the city's too small for me as an everyday bag :smile:...i've got a thing for big bags though, like alotta gals here...i've sold all of my firsts except for 2 because they're too small for me :heart:
  8. Hi baglover! Here's my city. I find it to be the perfect size because I tend to carry lots of stuff with me everyday! I know plenty of other ladies here with lovely grenat cities, so hopefully more of them will share later! :smile:
    (Aaa - that was a beautiful grenat! Hope your doggy's doing ok!)
  9. awe, thanks so much cate, thankfully my puppy's alive & kickin'!!! :love:
  10. Here's one ... I got this from the "Photos wearing your Bbags" thread:

    P.S. Can a moderator please do me a big favor and go to post #147:

    in the Photos wearing your Bbags thread and add the words "grenat city" to that post? I can't tell you how much time it took me to find this photo even though I knew it was there somewhere!!! :hysteric:
  11. I have one on ebay now with lots of pictures, but none of me wearing it.