Anybody Out There Who Owns a Monogram Rivete?

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  1. hi, a friend of a friend is trying to sell her LV monogram rivete bag and i'm very interested. however, i want to be sure that what she's selling is the real one. haven't seen the bag in person that's why i would like to know what it looks like, if it's any different to the black or ecru. would appreciate it very much if any of you who has one, could post it here so i could have a look at it. many thanks:smile:
  2. I have the black lambskin.
    (I have seen this in dark brown,A FAKE!!!!)
  3. Sorry, I guess you wanted a pic of the monogram riveting..
    My mistake.:shame:
    I posted too quick...
  4. You can do a search ~ I've seen some in the clubhouses.
  5. that's ok. your bag looks fabulous though.
  6. thanks. i'll do that:smile:
  7. sweetpurple, i saw one in one of the clubhouses. thanks. the question now, is to buy or not to buy!!!
  8. thanks, sweetpurple. btw, saw your amazing collection of bags. quite breathtaking to look at. never saw anybody w/ that kind of collection. very, very impressed:smile:
  9. hi restricter, is there any way you could post some pictures of your mono riveting bag? if possible, include pictures of the front and back of the zipper tag, the front and back of the shoulder strap (near the buckle that holds the strap). i'm asking this because i've finally seen the bag. it looks great, i tell you, but i have concerns with the stitching especially at the back of the straps. the bag has a date code tag (where it should be), it seemed heavy and the stitching on the bag itself where the rivets are seems impeccable. but i have my doubts still. i'm asking for more detailed pictures from the seller. hopefully, when i get it, i'll post it here as well as in "authenticate this". would appreciate it very much.