Anybody out there know where to find a Vert Gazon RH Brief or Day????

  1. Of course, now that S/S 07 is way behind us, I decide I want Vert Gazon. :p Anyone happen to know where any RH Briefs or Days might be hiding??? I'd also be happy with an accessory in VG. I'm not usually much of a green person, but I really love this shade.

    Thanks so much!!:yes:
  2. I saw a ggh one on the *bay earlier... I love that color too! I'm to scared to get it though for fear I'll think it's to bright.
  3. ^^ I saw that bag, too. It's gorgeous, but I'm not really a gold person. I have a feeling I would just stare at the bag and it would never see the light of day.
  4. Bump!!