Anybody order anthracite Maggie or Audrey?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I really, really want to see the new embroidered anthracite Maggie and audrey before ordering. Has anyone ordered either one? If so when will it be here. Sorry I just need to see what the anthracite color looks like considering the other colors are not that great IMO. Thank you!
  2. I did, it will not be shiped till the 25th,,,,but i might change it to the not so bronze, bronze!!!!!
  3. LOL...please don't!!
  4. I ordered it!
  5. When will you receive it???
    I ordered the Eggshell but want to see the Anthracite
  6. Did anybody order the Audrey in Eggshell??
  7. It won't be available at Jax until the 25th... the SA also said that it would take a few days for them to process and receive the anthracite audeys before they ship out too. So it probably won't ship out until around the 1st of March?
  8. I am going to order mine on the 23rd but I want the anthracite maggie. I just hope they have her still in stock!!!
  9. Do we have any pics of this bag?
  10. No pix yet except for the audrey's!!^^^^^^
  11. I did, but it won't be here until March 1st or so.
  12. Is there a pic of this anthracite color anywhere?
  13. Hi! Actually, in the beginning, there was major confusion at the store level and JAX regarding this color. They were saying nz was anthracite, but that was wrong.... actually the correct color for nz is antique rose! I posted this on the upcoming lines thread, but here's a pic of what the tag looks like. It's not really anyone's fault but just that sometimes when info is too early, there's not a lot of info uploaded into Tools, so it was an assumption that was made. I guess the reason is because nz expanded to "ani", and somehow they got anthracite out of that. The antique rose color is very pretty, though! I'm glad I ordered it! Shalomnurse posted it on the upcoming lines thread if you want to see what the bag looks like. It's a pretty peachy color!!

    I think I'm going to close this thread since it creates confusion. I'm sure it's always possible to have an anthracite color, but for now, nz= antique rose!

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