Anybody needs to lose 50+ lbs? I need support and inspiration.

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  1. Hi guys! I wonder if anybody would like a weight loss partner. I have tried 100 things and have accomplished nothing but faillure. Most of the things i have tried were unhealthy. Like pills, fasting, shake diets, meal replacements, even a endoscopic surgery... But in the end if you don't have the will power, all you are doing is wasting money. Every time I start I have a harder time finding hope and encouragement.

    I'm 27 I'm 5'3 and weigh 218lbs. I'm a yoyo, and I always start new things and then give up because I can't commit to myself :sad: but I'd like to ultimately be around 170lbs. I want a size 10, so I no longer have to hit the plus size section. I have Binge Eating Disorder... Like bulimia but without the purging. It sucks to have food as a coping mechanism, because it's a vicious cycle of self hatred and self punishment. My health is at stake and I need to do this. I need support but I feel so lonely regarding this because all my friends are fabulous... Obviously I am not at my best right now.

    This is my experience with Nutrisystem so far:
    The meals are TINY like omg... Everything is so small. I'm trying to train myself to chew a lot, eat slowly, with lots of water, so I "feel" full. But damn, I feel like they are servings for hummingbirds.
    The taste... Well let's say it tastes like diet things. Very little flavor, a lot of preservatives... Etc. you can imagine. You can spice it up, add vegetables, etc, but there is only so much you can do with such a small portion and limitations on calories and ingredients.

    In any case I'm going to try to stick to it because I am sick and tired of being the fat friend. My family is not very nice about my weight, my friends have made fun of my food choices, and my husband wants to separate and one of the things he "recommended" me to do is lose weight. My body is ruining my life. I want to stop hating my body.

  2. After trying every "diet" under the sun in an effort to lose weight, I had to get into the mindset that I needed to make lifestyle changes. I finally realized that I am worth the time, energy and effort to lose the weight and had to decide to put myself first. With that in mind, I had a complete change in eating and exercise habits. It took a while, but to date, I've lost 123 pounds and am finally at a place where I'm happy with my weight. Like you, I was the "fat friend" and was always the fattest woman in the room.

    Give up on the fad diets (I tried plenty of these and as you know, they don't work!). What worked for me was simple....calories in versus calories burned. Yes, I fall off the wagon and gain a few pounds (especially over the weekends), but then I get right back on track. Sit down and go over healthy food options. Get rid of the junk in your house and replace it with healthy things. It sounds easy to those that have never been overweight, but I know how difficult it really is You can do it and you are worth the effort.

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband's comments. That definitely doesn't make it easier. I had a long talk with my husband and told him that I needed him to be fully supportive of my new life changes. He was more than on board, so that really helped. And it also really helped to tell everyone I came in contact with what I was doing. That made it easier for me knowing that my boss, coworkers, friends, neighbors, family, etc. knew what I was doing. They fully supported me and didn't throw any ro*******s in my way.

    Good can and WILL do this. Not only will you end up feeling healthier, but you'll feel better about yourself and will have so much pride in your accomplishments!!
  3. You can do this!

    My story is in this forum and so many have heard it, I don't want to bore them again. In a nut shell: I am 46, 5' 6" and running between 135-140, 22.2 % body fat, size 4/6, 8 in jrs.
    Two years ago I was 278, size 28. In 2012, I did a conventional diet and lost about 40 pounds. 1/13-7/13, I did almost 100% Paleo and 80ish pounds, since then I have kept healthy and taken off another 20.

    In direct response to the Nutrisystems, I would say go go as healthy and clean as you can and you'll do better....but if it is working for you I can understand and support you if you want. Come join us, if you would like, in the fitness in 2014 thread...we don't care about what method you use, we're a supportive group and myself and a couple of gals have lost over 100 pounds, some are on their way; we all help one another .
  4. I'm not in your position, but I just wanted to offer good thoughts. It feels great every time you lose a pound. You can move more easily!

    It's hard for me to lose weight. I have to be very strict with my diet, but I do eat when I'm hungry. Here are some lifestyle habits that help me lose weight:

    (1) Focus on eating lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Anything else is a treat. Keep fresh veggies in the house for snacks. I like carrots and celery.

    (2) Minimize treats. (Fruits like fuji apples, frozen bananas, grapes and nuts make good treats.)

    (3) Minimize processed foods. I allow condiments in tiny servings (1 teaspoon) to give food flavor. Get any other processed food out of the house. No eating out of a bag or a box.

    (4) Minimize starchy foods.

    (5) Move! Take a brisk walk, clean the house, workout. Yoga is good for monitoring progress because for every 3 pounds you lose, the yoga poses get so much easier. Do at least two different workouts a day (a walk and something else).

    (6) Start a fun project. It will help you forget you are hungry.

    (7) Try not to eat after 4 or 5pm. If you are starving in the evening, eat plain veggies, drink herbal tea, or have a glass of skim milk. (You'll sleep better without the excess salt or sugar.)

    (8) Drink 16 oz of water before every meal.

    (9) Eat a filling breakfast (with protein and fiber), and a lighter lunch (with protein and veggies).

    Try just focusing on the lifestyle and not the results, at least for a while. Get to the point where you feel comfortable living this way. You can be successful at doing the things above. It only takes one day to be successful at following rules.

    Start with one rule, then add a rule every time you time you master the previous rule. For me, the rules that result in weight loss are (5) and (7). The others help me maintain my weight, but I definitely need to do (5) and (7) in addition to the others to lose weight.

    Don't get frustrated. It's not a hardship to live this way. The food can be quite good.

    If you are not seeing results and need more help, you can seek it out. But when you get to your goal, you'll still have to maintain the healthy habits in order to maintain the lower weight, so you might as well get used to the lifestyle. :smile:
  5. I'm in!

  6. Good post, this is pretty much how I lost my weight also.
  7. My first reccomendation to you would be to start loving your body.

    My second would be to ditch the fads, diets, pills, pre purhcased meals plans etc.

    And thirdly, start slowly, don't make huge changes to start with, don't shock your body and don't put to many restrictions on yourself or you won't succeed.

    Start small - take a 10minute walk everyday and start building up the distance, time and pace. With your diet, start changing small things at a time, for example do you drink a lot of coke or other carbonated drinks? Try getting rid of that first then start doing other things.

    Also there is another support thread for fitness and health in 2014, start posting in there, the women are lovely and friendly and there is lots of great advice.
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  9. I started off 5ft 3 and over 14stone I may have even hit the 15st mark I never weighed myself after the 14st mark
    I'm now at 10st 6lbs and still trying to lose weight as I was 7st something before all the weight gain (due to pregnancy and depression)
    I found a complete change in lifestyle was what worked
    A couple of years went by and I lost nothing
    Then last year since roughly this time last year I've dropped the weight
    I do not have any exercise routine other than walking
    I do not "diet"
    The truth is ALL diets work if they are calorie controlled (I know this from when I was underweight) however they are usually very hard and unhealthy in the long term and you must stick with it long term for real weight loss
    I found the changes in my life are simple I'm not sure why they would cause so much weight loss but I've started taking a mood stabiliser again and anti depressant so I'm not feeling depressed and can't be bothered all the time
    I clean more often
    I do walk a lot more but it's not an excessive amount of walking
    I try to laugh as often as I can and be positive and enjoy life
    I eat normall three meals a day
    Cereal for breakfast, lunch is a sandwich a bag of crisps and a small chocolate biscuit and a Banana , dinner is just whatever we have
    The portions are normal not tiny at all
    I mix up my diet by sometimes changing lunch to another bowl of cereal and sometimes randomly eat junk food snacks (be careful not to binge it's hard to resist though)
    I emphasise doing things to make yoursf feel good dancing singing make up hair drawing anything that makes you feel good
    It has been like magic for me
    I believe it helps as before these changes I was dieting for 2 years roughly and achieving nothing
    Hope I can help anyone and I'm still trying to lose the weight
    I don't want to be under 8 stone again as that's not healthy either
  10. I'm wondering how this could possibly be feasible for the average person. So you're saying that you should eat dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon and then that's it for the remainder of the day?
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    Although Jesssh is usually right on the money, I disagree that you have to eat at a certain time. The body doesn't recognize times that you eat although it can be helpful to eat a certain way so you don't have a sugar crash and overeat (some eat 5 meals a day, some have breakfast immediately after waking up, some eat a snack b4 bed etc.). Your body only recognizes macros - proteins, fat and carbs - so if you eat the right amount for your goal daily then you will lose weight... Doesn't matter when you eat, it's what you eat. I have a snack before bed every night (apples, peanut butter and protein shake) and I've been losing weight.
  12. I just ordered this book after reading the reviews. It should be here tomorrow. I could have gotten the Kindle edition but this may be a book for the bookshelf.
  13. I'm not saying it works for the average person. I'm only saying what works for me. I have not been 50 pounds overweight, so I don't know what would work for people who are.

    Technically I am not overweight, I'm just trying to lose some body mass that is in the way, and get to the middle of a normal BMI range. Lately I have not been able to lose weight if I eat a big meal in the evening. I will have a snack in the evening if I'm hungry, but I try to be very conscientious about what I eat or drink, and only eat enough to satisfy the hunger. And I eat a late lunch that lasts me quite a while. For me, the big meals are breakfast and a late lunch.

    Someone started a thread about fasting that led me to think it might work for others.

    I can only speak from my own experience. I have been eating healthy for years, but recently the weight did not start coming off until I minimized food intake in the evening and added a 45 minute walk to my daily routine (in addition to the HIIT workout).

    The more I read, the more I realize there is no absolute answer, and everyone responds differently. This is why I don't give advice to my siblings. :-s

    I do think there is a relationship between when you eat and when you workout. For example, I can lose weight more easily if I work out 3 hours after I eat a meal instead of one hour after I eat a meal. (I used to eat one hour before workout so that I would have enough energy to do the workout. Now I am strong enough that I can do the workout 3 hours after I eat.) If I read the Taubes book, maybe I'll understand this better. I want to know what happens to your body after food enters it, how the nutrients are carried to the cells and used by them before and after exercise, what happens with hormone levels and energy and mood, etc. and why people say you'll gain weight if you don't eat enough. And how to know if you've eaten too much or not enough. I figure it will take me 30 years to learn all this, especially since there is so much disagreement on how the body processes food. :P

    I have also heard many times that you should not eat after 7pm or right before bed. I go to bed by 10pm usually, so that might be why the timing sounds strange to some. I am usually up by 5am.

  14. I like eating really really early. Then around 6pm or 6:30 tea and a piece of fruit.
    It works for me but I can see how most people do not think it would work. It is hard especially if people want to go out to dinner but I've tried to minimize that as well.
    Also, in this type of eating pattern, breakfast becomes very important as you can imagine, as does fruit.