Anybody looking for an epi noe?

  1. Thank you!!! It's MINES:heart: :yes:

    And just think....last week I posted that I was DONE with ebay!

    I'm a Gemini....what can I can ya?! :smile:
  2. Congrats! BTW Jazz, where in Ohio are you from?
  3. Thanks! I don't like to post exact location but it's South-East.
  4. I'm from the Cleveland area, that is why I asked :smile:
    I know what you mean though, I don't have it in my profile either.
  5. Wow congrats Jazz !:flowers:
  6. Hello fellow Ohioian! I was hesitant to put it in my profile but I's a big state!

    And Cleveland? Let's just say...come football season, I'll be on the other side :graucho:
  7. Thanks! I'm so excited!!! I needed a black bag to match the color of my Lexus GS I just got!(interior color is black, exterior silver!) :yes: :heart: And when I saw Irene's Noe I just HAD to have one! I do have a black Coach bag but it's...well, NOT a LV.

    All I need is my Jackie O Chanel sunglasses and I'll be an official DIVA!:jammin:
  8. LOL, gotcha. It is nice to see another person from Ohio, I usually see fancy places like California, Boston, Europe...

    Anyway, very nice purchase!
  9. SUPER COOL:supacool: Congrats on your new car too:love: loveeee Lexus.....and Louis !
  10. Congrats, on the Lexus too! :flowers: I even have two so I can totally relate. It's a great bag! :love:
  11. Jazz, CONGRATS on getting a great bag!!!:love:
  12. Congrats! That was a great deal! And she is a great seller :yes:
  13. A few things.....

    Beautiful bag....... :yes: Congrats!!
    I JUST bought a bag from that seller today too.... Cabas Piano like NEW :love:

    I'm also from Ohio, Middletown actually,,,live in Az now :beach:

    Yeah Ohio LV lovers getting a new LV bag today..... :yahoo:

  14. I know...I was thinking the same thing LOL! My job requires me to travel to So. CAL at least once every other month. I always love it when I get there but at weeks end I'm always ready to head back to old boring Ohio :smile:

    I can't wait to get my "new" bag :smile: