Anybody live on a USAF Base?

  1. Ok. My husband & I are stationed at McConnell Air Force Base. The BX on base is the size of a Dollar General. They have nothing. I talked to their customer service today and they said if I find something at another BX that I want, they can ship it to this base and I can buy it.
    Long story short...
    If you have access to a BX and they carry Coach, can you tell me what base it is on & maybe what they have?

    I called Tinker AF Base earlier today and they only have leather soho bags.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. you can also shop on the online miltary shop...i forgot the name of it though
  3. it's aafes, but they really don't have that much to choose from right now.
  4. Next time I go to the PX in Ft. Meade, I'll let you know what they have.
  5. I live at Eielson AFB in Alaska. Our BX NEVER EVER sells Coach

    We have an Army base near us. They never have Coach at their PX.

    And the AAFES catalog only has a few styles NOT much cheaper then online!
  6. It's funny y'all say that because I was just at the mall today and heard the SA at Gymboree say something about "Coach bags for cheaper prices". I was being nosey and said, "Did you say COACH BAGS?". She said they have them at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio (where I am). Doesn't help me cuz I'm not military. Too bad.
  7. thanks for reminding me of the name
  8. i shop at the BX at Wright Patterson AFB. I was there two weeks ago and i'm going this weekend. they had black sig carly's, sig stripe shoulder totes, new patchwork stuff, sig stripe totes (LARGE), and some basic sig hobos.
  9. woohoo, thanks yall!

    I think I'll give Wright Patt a call.
  10. are the coach bags on base considerably cheaper or same as online?
  11. I remember when I worked at March AFB back in the 80's, the big thing was Hallmark Xmas Ornaments and Lardro (not sure of spelling) figurines, can't even remember what kind of bag I carried back in the 80's. They usually have great discounts.
  12. yeah like blackbutterfly said, definitely give wright patt a call! they had all the new patchwork and scribble stuff last time i was there and some of the new carly stuff. the lady told me they are getting the fragrance too so i'm hoping for that! :smile: they do always have a lot of coach stuff though.

    also, i know a lot of the military exchanges around the D.C. area always have a ton of coach. Henderson Hall which I believe is a marine base has a whole department and quantico also marine has a section too!
  13. and also, mhm, they are marked down from retail and also there is no tax on them! :smile: and they sometimes have BX coupons also where you get money off if you spend more than $100 which is easy to do in coach!
  14. geeez, I see I will definitely be busy on the phone tomorrow. heh
  15. i love the bx, no tax and discounts. i know here at travis afb they have like 4 or 5 stands full of coach bags. i haven't been there in a while though, so not too sure what styles they have.