Anybody LiVe in Orlando, FL?

  1. I would love to get together if there are any LV enthusiasts in the Central Florida area - let me know! :yes:
  2. C'mon! There must be some tPF members in Cent. FL!! Please let me know so we can get together sometime - none of my friends/family are LV obsessed like I am :nuts: and I need some new friends who understand!! :yahoo:
  3. I am in central Florida, Palm Coast, to be exact...kinda far from Orlando though:sad:
  4. Hello,
    I am in the Tampa area and am more than willing to have a meet in Orlando. It's not to far for me and I like that area.
  5. DH and I are visiting there the last week of the month and I totally would love some shopping partners... he's going to a conference for part of it so I'd love some company when I hit the stores :yes:
  6. Hi I know you posted this awhile ago, but I am in Heathrow. I am 22 miles from Mall of Millenia.
    Let's chat. None of my friends get my "habit" either.
    email me
    We could shop! It would be fun!
  7. im in boca raton florida
  8. It's been a while since anyone has posted here, but I am in the Orlando area and would be very interested in a Meet. Anyone else??

    I mean, I would be willing to go to Tampa or South Florida, but Orlando would be very easy for me.

  9. heading to Orlando first week of May as DH has a conference there. I am dying to check out the LV stores and wld love some company. wld be fantastic to meet a fellow TPF-er and take some photos graba coffee and try on the latest LVs.
  10. There's definitely an LV at the Mall of Millenia and there might be a boutique inside one of the high-end department stores in the Florida Mall. Millenia is very nice. I should be able to meet you there one day that week. PM me, let me know what days you'll be in town!

  11. I am in Tampa, I think a meet would be fantastic!
  12. I'm super late to this thread, lol. But I live in Orlando too!
    The Mall at Millenia is GORGEOUS, and most (if not all) of the stores in it are as well.
  13. You are actually closer to the Jacksonville area... I am in Jacksonville...maybe we can set up a meeting.
  14. I'd love to. My baby is due July 30 so anytime before that...
  15. I'm in Orlando!!!! Anyone still lookin' on this thread??? Say HI if you are!