Anybody live in nyc????

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  1. There's a handbag store on 3rd ave, upper east side having a 70 percent off sale. Had a $750 Hermes style bag in my hand, very fine leather, it would have been $175. It was not a direct copy, but it had that vibe. I loved the color, a dark eggplant, would you go back or not worth it? I'm weak and need advise please help!!! If you live in NYC do you know the store? It's right next door to National Jean Co. I refuse to buy another bag that I hate when I get it home. Help please, it looked like a very nice store going out of biz. What would you do?
  2. Pleassssseeee advice????????
  3. Have you tried google maps or street view? The listings aren't super up to date but migth be helpful.
  4. I don't think so. These were very plain bags, well made, nice leather. Something about the styling made me think Hermes, although they weren't a direct copy. It was a huge sale, $800 range, take 70% off. My question is, if a bag is not a copy but reminds you of another brand would you buy it? Again, not a direct copy, just similar styling. There was a deep eggplant color I loved.
  5. Perhaps call the National Jean Company and ask them for the name of the store?

  6. i would. as long as its not those illegal copies where they use child labor or it helps in drug trafficking.

    i would love a balenciaga motorcycle bag -- i can't afford the real thing right now so i would totally buy a 'style-alike' until i have the money for the real thing someday.

    Everybody on TPF probably hates me right now!
  7. sure why not, dark eggplant sounds lovely...that's a color i'd definitely want in my collection, and the price is awesome based on the quality you described.
  8. Ok, recovering from broken leg and suppose to walk for therapy DH bribed me I could get it if I walked. Off I go today. I hope.
  9. Post a pic! I'd love to see the color. Sounds beautiful! There's always room in my collection for a simple, well-made leather bag in a striking and color. Good luck!
  10. So you're saying it's a fake, but didn't say "hermes"?
  11. It's not a fake, it's a very nice leather bag and something in the style reminds me of a Hermes, but it is not a copy. Parts are similar style wise and other parts are different. I know the kind of bag you're talking about, a direct copy minus the name. This is not like that and I wouldn't carry it if it was.
  12. ^Oh, I see. It's your decision, if you like it get it!
  13. I'm just looking for approval because I bought a bag Friday, I do get the guilts sometimes!
  14. It's Muska Milano. I didn't get the one I liked yesterday, I got a natural color ostrich embossed bag. I will say when I got home and googled them I was very distressed to see a very strongly inspired Hermes bag. I did not see that one in store. What I thought was eggplant was dark brown and Fri I ordered that Cape Cod leather bag from the celebrity section of this forum in choc brown. Thanks for everyones input! My DH said after we bought it that we were that much closer to being done buying handbags, what??!! I explained you're never done and when you get tired of one you find it a new home and start all over again.