Anybody likes See by Chloe Joan bag?

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  1. I've never been a fan of See by Chloe, except for several simple clothes items, but when I saw Joan from this season I decided to give her a try. And it's sold out in many retailers already. It resembles a lighter version of Chloe Lexa, with all the Chloe hip vibe, yet it's more practical bag with top zipper opening and suede accent only on front flap that wouldn't rub on your jeans and get color transfer.
    anybody else has it?

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  2. I love the design, but wouldnt buy one for the same reason you mentioned...looks too much like a cheapened down version of Lexain my opinion.....maybe I could be convinced to go with a unique color since I wouldnt be afraid to mess it up. Thats just my two cents though.
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  3. I know, I decided to give it a try since it's sold out. I'll post update when I get her. Craftsmanship is maker or breaker.
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  4. Let us know how you like it. If the small one is crossbody it might actually be a good replacement for an older medium sized crossbody I have been meaning to get rid of.
  5. I got mine and it was disappontment, it was the last one available, it had scratches and greasing, probably it was used for photoshoot. Overall quality is not bad. Hardware is Chloe's (Lexa's to be precise), leather and craftsmanship is one grade lower though. Which is still OK for the price, but with scratches Joan bag is going back.
    BTW in UK this model is called Hana sometimes, but Hana is messenger.
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    Thanks for the review. Is the long strap a true crossbody strap? I find the long strap on my lexa to be just a bit short to wear crossbody comfortably.
  7. I can't tell, I returned it with the strap still wrapped in paper. anyway I took some pics.
    IMG_7446.JPG IMG_7450.JPG IMG_7454.JPG IMG_7456.JPG
  8. I'm happy to share. actually I'd rather go for the large size, it's supposed to be a practical bag aka carry a lot:smile:
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  9. Lol, I totally understand. I'm attracted to the smaller size because I'm looking for something similarly sized to my Rebecca Minkoff Regan satchel (that I wear crossbody) and the small size dimensions seem closest....and I just think its the darn cutest option in this price point lol
  10. Not to mention the construction of this bag looks MUCH better than RM construction. But I can't say I didn't love Regan while she served her purpose.
  11. It's less roomy than RM because it's narrowed at the top, not boxy like RM. but because of this it would fit more comfortably on hip when worn crossbody.
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  12. Thanks for all the great advice. I think you've officially talked me into wanting one of these as my Regan replacement. I carry very minimal essentials so I dont think the space difference will cause me any distress.

    Plus I think my mom will be thrilled to inherit my RM and Kate Spade :smile:
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  13. P.s. I cant wait till they release this version. I love the design on the flap!

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  14. three words I.NEED.IT
    is it FW17?
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