Anybody likes R&B???...Reveal my Bshopping

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  1. Hi Ladies

    As I mentioned in previous page... My ruby was arrived on Monday... But then, I waited to post photos here with another of my order... Then, it arrived this morning :yahoo:....

    O.K.. ladies, I won't make you wait so long.. Here are photos :graucho:

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  2. Open the first box

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  3. open the paper, i can't wait to see what's inside the box! something big? small? come on may! :popcorn:
  4. :popcorn: impatiently waiting.............
  5. and... and........

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  6. Ohhhh it is a RUBY sumthin..............
  7. Hi DelMilano, Luvhandbags...:smile:

    Here it is... R is Ruby for sunny here day ;)

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  8. WOW! A Ruby City and she is gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  9. :woohoo:gorgeous may, ruby is a true red, im not a red girl but this one is the most gorgeous i've ever seen:heart:!!! congrats:drinkup:, how's the leather? does it smell good? (i know im a bit obsessed with the balenciaga smell! ha ha ha)
  10. :yahoo:Yowsers! It glows! I love that it is so vibrant. Based on other photos of Ruby, I thought they were all matte. Yours is incredible. Thanks for posting it..and enjoy! :woohoo:
  11. [​IMG]

    Absolutely beautiful! I love Ruby :tender:! Congrats May!!
  12. It really is the prettiest red!! I have the Ruby Day and she, too, smells SOOO GOOD! and the leather is really good on the Ruby bags.

    What ELSE??? You said R & what is the B??? We wanna see! :yahoo::nuts::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  13. I was drolling this red everytime I see photos here... And it doesn't make me disappoint when I first open the box... The leather is thick and saturated.... It is not so shiny like Sapphire,..But then, you can tell that it's well moistured... not so dry like the yellow one from last season..

    I try to capture her photos from different light.. I'd say the second photo here is most captured the colour in real

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  14. b... black cherry???????
    i'm glad to hear that some 08 bags smell good. :P
  15. oh may, love the leather of your ruby, in the third pic it looks really delicious.