Anybody konw about this website?


    They have really good stuff, but are they authentic? :confused1:
  2. thats where bryanboy orders some of his stuff from so id say yes :smile:
  3. yeap hmwe is right. it's like a Saks 5th Ave. 100% authentic.
  4. Thans ladies! :heart:
  5. Bergdorf is amazing! Completely legit!!!
  6. the website is legit...

    and yes...another 'arm' of Neiman Marcus. i tried bergdorf's online chat and i was redirected to neiman marcus online

  7. They are sister stores.. or actually NM owns BG... but until recently did they combine everything. Before you can use your NM card at BG, but not BG at NM stores. I think now, everything is interchangeable. : )

    They usually carry the same things on the website w/ slight variations. I love their stuff. BIG difference is when you order through NM, you get taxed. when you order from BG and ship it to anywhere out side of NY, you don't get taxed... I LOVE IT!
  8. Bergdorf's in well-known and reputable here, I wouldn't worry about a thing ordering from them.
  9. what do you mean? they switch the bags for fakes.? :s
  10. Pat they are fakes, it's confusing as some of the pictures show authentic bags but there's at least 1 picture that shows clearly fake paddy (the white one).

  11. FAKE - Look at the prices! The old saying you get what you pay for!:yucky: