anybody knows?

  1. hi everyone, im going to south africa in two weeks time and was wondering is the louis vuitton there cheaper? i mean compare to asia:shrugs: besides, was thinking of buying a bag from let-trade but apparently read some negative rumours about them. confused???:sad:
    is it safe to buy from let-trade? TIA:flowers:
  2. I wish I could help you with pricing in South Africa but I know nothing about the prices there.
    With regards to let-trade, I (and I am speaking for myself ONLY) would still use them. To me, all the rumors are just that, rumors.;)
  3. I have purchased several things from Let-Trade and they are amazing.
  4. thanks irene and LVShoeFan2! yah, what you said is true, rumours...
    think will still buy from them as i have more confidence with let-trade than ebay!
    but having said that, was conned by one gal friend. i treat her as good friend and give her all my real opinion when she has problem, turn up she sold me a FAKE chloe paddington at high price! claimed it's authentic and that day met up with her, she said your bag is so different from the authentic one!!!:wtf: sadddddddd:crybaby: wish i joined tPF at that time:sad: so that wouldn't be so naive!!!:hysteric:
  5. let-trade never selling fake!