anybody knows who makes these jeans?

  1. [​IMG]THNKS!
  2. Siwy by Michelle Siwy Shes actually a friend of mine hehehe. She lives in New York sweetest girl EVER> shes on myspace too! I have her email and when she come to LA soon I am going to hang with her and go to her Jean Show!
  3. ps those jeans ARE AMAZING! i have like 7 pairs shorts capris skinny jeans in all colors they make you look so slim and amazing they are the BEST jeans i have ever owned. I am not just saying this because Michelle is my friend haha
  4. siwy is the next jeans im gonna buy. :smile: love the back pockets and how cute does rachel bilson look in em! x

    tell ur friend i said hi! lol
  5. I just checked the prices on them, and the prices aren't bad! They're cute too
  6. I will so have to pick up those jeans.......the top Rachel's wearing is SOOO cute too, does anyone know what brand it is???
  7. cute! the pockets are fun!
  8. That's not Rachel Bilson, is it?? Looks like Paris Hilton!!

    Cute jeans, btw.
  9. siwy jeans are AWESOME!
    the washes are almost as hot as the back pockets.

    they're great for petites too. butt lift ;)
  10. there's a few pairs of siwy jeans on sale at net-a-porter...
  11. Does anyone know how these fit?