Anybody knows where to find Balenciaga Bags in Aussie?

  1. Hi, Im a newbie here...Im looking for Balenciaga le motorcycle style..Im currently in Melbourne, Aussie...anyone could help me where could i Buy that bag in here?
  2. Welcome fellow Aussie!!!! is the Aussie stockist - they're in Perth but will post to you.
  3. hi mango..

    as far as I am aware, there are only two authorised retailers in Aus.
    Cultstatus in perth ( the SA lily is just devine and so lovely) and Cosmopolitan Shoes in Sydney (double bay) they dont have a web site.
    I havent had the best service from Cosmo but it could have been that one of thing.

    there used to be a store in melbourne calle pink cactus or something like that...but I called them in May this year and they told me they were not getting any in this season

    hope this helps...

  4. Mango, Miss Louise in Melbourne and Syd stock Bbags. Belinda in GPO used to as well but no longer do so. There's another store that sometimes get in Bbags in Sth Yarra. U heard of Mio Tesoro on Toorak Rd? But I think your best bet is to try Cultstatus in Perth. They are very friendly and accommodating and will send u pics if you request them. Their prices are fair too, as far as buying anything high-end in Aus, that is:smile:
  5. Welcome, Mango!!

    Theres a store "Mio tesoro" in south yarra, its a consignment store, but sometimes they stock brand new bags like LV, Balenciaga... i just went there yesterday, and they have some brand new bbags: a 06' origan twiggy, a 06'iliac twiggy, a 06'rouille courrier, and a 05' white weekender. Go there try those bags first, see which style you like~!!
  6. forgot to add the address: shop 4/ 300 Toorak Road
  7. The lady at Cultstatus is really really friendly!! Much friendlier even than Aloha Rag IMHO!! I would not hesitate buying from them :tender: Cosmopolitan shoes, on the other hand... :yucky:
  8. I hear ya, bakaneko! Cosmo shoes and Elle boutique in Perth (I called about a Paddy once) - both :yucky:.
  9. oh its not just me..

    the girls at cosmo shoes seem a little vague everytime I call and I feel like I know way more about the bags than they do...

    on the other hand Lily at Cult is super nice, sends me photos whenever I ask for them and doesnt mid you chatting about the bags for as long as you need to.

  10. I agree about Cosmo! Poo-ey service! I rang them and the SA did'nt even know what a Classique, Motorcycle Le Dix or The First was! She made me describe it!

    Their bags are more expensive anyway so I'd rather buy from CultStatus by far!
  11. the aussie stockists are Cultstatus, Miss Louise and Cosmo Shoes. They are all authorised. I wouldn't buy from any other source in Australia.
  12. Helllloo to all the fellow PFers! I'm currently in Perth enjoying my honeymoon and I've been drooling over the windows of Cult Status. They have several Balenciagas on display.. so go on and call them!
    I could not tell all the models and cololurs because they were closed when I arrived there but they had a nice selection. I've been at Balenciaga Singapore boutique as well but the place was too posh for my taste. They had a gorgeous orange metallic clutch though...
  13. Hi Frau, hope your enjoying your honeymoon. Congrats on your marriage!
  14. Thanks Cal!! I'm enjoying the Aussie travel very much.. I wish I could plant roots down here:smile: