Anybody knows what this bag is, I am so much in love with this bag^^*

  1. Please let me know if you know this bag, which Rachael Bilson is holding..
    She has so many chanel bags, I am very envious..
    Weather is horrible in NJ, please drive safe, everyone..
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  2. It's from Spring/Summer 2008 Act II.

    It's part of the 2.55 bags offered. Retail is $2,150 (or very close to that). It's available in navy patent and red patent.
  3. Oh, thanks a lot..
    Do you think it is available in store now?
  4. If not, it will be very soon.:yes:
  5. I thought I saw this bag at the trunk show in SF. But it was metallic black that was wrinkley (definitely not patent). Do you know if this is the same bag? It's so cute - I just wish it wasn't over 2k. It's such a small bag considering the GST is around the same price!