anybody knows

  1. anybody knows this website?
    does it sell the authentic handbags??:confused1: :p :p
    La Perle
  2. This website sells fakes! And to me, this is the worst kind of scam, because the prices are robbery for such garbage, but I'm sure they do this to look authentic. They lie and say they get their merchandise from the manufacturer and claim everything is authentic. YUCK. Just because they make their website look pretty doesn't make it legitimate.
    Stay away!
  3. I agree!
  4. oh i c~thx a lot
    u guys save me from those garbage:yes:
  5. La Perle is the same people who ran Bergacci. They ship these nasty fakes bags somewhere out of China. Type Bergacci in the search box and you'll get tons of posts about how awful they are.
  6. fake. They sell fakes. Maybe one reason they changed their site's URL from to because of their accussations! Beware!
  7. I had to mess with La Perle and find out myself what they are about. Here is what I have via online chat with one of their support reps:
    lily: Your Balenciaga bags are fake aren't they? I have several, bought from Neiman's, and I can tell that yours are not real.

    You are now speaking with Craig of LaPerle Support.
    Craig: Hello lily, my name is Craig. How can i help you today ?
    lily: I wanted you to tell me that your Balenciaga bags are fake. I have several from Neimans and can tell yours aren't real
    Craig: We acquire our goods through direct bulk purchases, special promotions, overstocks and by teaming up with top worldwide distributors of brand name products. This enables us to you offer you a wide selection of products at a substantially lower price. We also offer exclusive hard-to-find products, such as limited editions and seasonal lines.
    lily: Also, Balenciaga does not allow their items to be sold online under any circumstances.
    Craig: Ours thousands of customers trust our words.

    Craig: They are satisfied.

    lily: Can you tell me that your Balenciaga bags are actually from Balenciaga? You can't, right? Your words are not true though. La Perle is a fraud!
    Craig: It may be your views. I can not comment that upon.

    lily: It should be a crime if it is not already to lie about a designer's items and try to pass off ugly fakes as the real deal.
    lily: Are your items fake or not? You have to by law state the true nature of your items.
    Craig: I will not leave the session until you do. Please express your views.

    lily: Actually, all your items are fakes, right?
    lily: I just want to know the truth. People have bought from you and are devastated when they receive one of your ugly fake items.
    lily: All we want from La Perle is the truth. Are the bags truly from the designers that you claim them to be? Please answer that with a simple yes or no.
    Craig: If you are not pleased with your order, you may return it under our return policy within 14 days of delivery for a full refund. You may read our return policy here
    lily: Please answer my question.
    lily: There are other companies that do what you do, but they are at least willing to be upfront and honest in telling their customers about the non-authenticity of their items.
    lily: You really won't say that the items are fake, and that just speaks volumes. Any retailer who sells authentic items will have no hesitations. However, your site is nothing but fraudulent and disgusting. Stop ripping people off and lying to them!
    I waited for him to answer, but he just left me hanging for over 20 minutes. . . .hmm, I smell a disgusting rat and its name is La Perle!!!!

  8. That is so awesome that they got shut down! When I was like 16, I found this website and almost ordered from them not knowing any glad i didnt!
  9. Scumbags - at least NAP have managed to get them to stop using their pictures.
  10. does NOT sell authentic Louis Vuitttons!! I just had to give it a shot to see if they were real. Some stitches looked like they're about to pop, the lining was cheap immitation suede fabric. The color of the canvas looked different especially if you compared to the real one. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!
  11. oh! what a yucky chat!
    thanks for the heads up though!
  12. Fakest Chloes I've ever seen!!!
  13. If you're looking for any particular designer bag, I suggest posting it at the "authenticate this" section and the experts will get back to you :yes::heart::smile: