Anybody know......

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  1. The exact price of a GM3 Evelyne since price increase??? Be very grateful for info. UK price please. :smile:
  2. Considering how many people have looked at this I'd say no!!!
  3. The price in euros yesterday for a GM3 was €1,630

    (Sorry, no use to you at all for GB pounds, :shame:smile:
  4. Currently in pounds thats £1480 ish, yesterday it was £1450 ish. But thanks anyway.
  5. That bodes well for being sub £1500 though because the euro is so strong against the pound everything is pricey in Europe
  6. I was told it was £1400 LBB a few days ago.
  7. Just thought I'd update, all the H stores in UK have been stock taking this week, so new stock should be arriving by the end of next week. Hopefully you'll find they have some more Evelynes in stock by then!
  8. I know Bond St is only expecting one potiron one
  9. Stock taking this week? Does that mean that there may be some goodies this weekend? my oh my...:woohoo:
  10. Bond St was stocktaking last week, Sloane St is this week and Royal Exchange is closed at the moment for refurb
  11. ^haha that explains the loud music I was hearing when I called Royal Exchange this afternoon!
  12. thanks mooks!!! now i know where i will go for the next two weekends.