Anybody know where I can get a captain's chair??

  1. I've looked at Modell's and searched everywhere online but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells this!!! Does it go by some other name that I am not aware of?? Thanks for the help as usual :heart:
  2. Yeah I haven't ever heard anyone call it that before?
    It can be commonly known as the chin dip leg raise machine? You can google it and and other websites taht sell this.
  3. Thanks darling :smile: but does anyone know a good one to get? I've seen a lot of Yukon ones but are there any other brands you can recommend? thanks!
  4. huh??
  5. lol ohh i get it! no??i just looked up yukon leg raise machine but it's pretty expensive =( im gonna try eBay
  6. We have these at my gym. My god the first time I used it I could not even raise my legs to the 90 degree angles three times. I got to two and had to take a break. They are awesome because you really feel it in your lower abs.
    If you had one at home that would be great because you can do a couple sets here and there in between doing stuff at your house.