Anybody know where i can find speedy cerises

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  1. Sold out , no More everywhere..
    Anybody know where can i fidn speedy cherry...
    I want to have one so much....:sad:

  2. Yeah, sold out last summer. eBay or let-trade, etc is about your only hope...sorry.
  3. Karen Kooper still has one on her site. You can also try eBay but you have to be extra careful since there're lots of fakes on there.
  4. Yup has one for 2000 dollars
  5. Unfortunately you're going to have to go through resellers =(
  6. Yea, I guess only eBay. Let-Trade has one at the moment, quite reasonably priced plus quite good condition too. ;)
  7. agree!!! they have 'em so often.....just keep checking!!!!:heart:
  8. Thxs..
    2000 dollars is too much,,,

    i might keep checking often,,, really want one
  9. The one on Let-Trade is only $979.99..! ;)
  10. Yeah Ebay, KarenKooper or Let-Trade just keep checking
  11. don't you mind about 2nd cerises? Thought I know anyone would sell her in 875 but the handle a bid darker
  12. I would love one too. :sad: Love those damn bags.
  13. Authentic_lvlady has one up right now that's pretty for under $1,000 too!
  14. Just an FYI...but you'll probably end up paying around 1K for a used one and around 1800 for a brand new one! The one on let-trade right now is a good deal!
  15. I noticed some pretty decent deals on ebay recently for cerises speedies, you are buying at the right time, the price has dropped considerably lately - same goes for the CB paps, they are going for even less!!
    but be careful, always check the bag out thoroughly before commiting to buy on ebay. There are deals to be had but you have to keep your wits about you!!