Anybody know what I'm talking about?! Gel Nails without gel? Thick Nailpolish?

  1. ok, maybe any of you ladies can help me out with this :p

    I work at a place that sells make-up, etc and during the last 2 weeks we had about 10 customers (all girls between 14-20) coming in inquiring about a certain nail product but noone of our crew (and apparently noone from other stores around) have heard of it. We only have the reg. nail polish or the DIY permanent kits at work.

    They were looking for a type of nail polish that is thicker than usual and will give you the look of gel/fake nails without being so super permanant and damaging. Apparantly you are supposed to put it on and get it off just as easy as regular nail polish. :confused1:

    Has anybody ever heard of something like that?
  2. I've never heard about this but is sounds great. I really hate all of the damage that fake nails do to my real nails but it can look so pretty.
  3. i have heard about it but it was a while ago so i don't remember anything more than what you have mentioned already
  4. Tell them to leave their regular nail polish sitting around for a year or so, and it will get nice and thick!
  5. Hm... I don't know of a specific product but I think I know what they may be talking about. This girl I went to school with used to have really perfect gel-looking nails that she would get done at the salon but it turned out that they were her real nails, just French manicured a certain way.
  6. lol, next time I'll try selling them the polish bottles that have been sitting in the back of our storage for years as the new big thing :graucho:
  7. oooh but if you find out please let us all know. it sounds great. did they have a brand name for it? is it Dept store quality or beauty supply drug store?
  8. While I was at Target looking for nail strengthener, I saw Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps. It has acrylic gel + nylon, so I figured I would try it. I have very small nail beds, so when my nails grow out there is a lot of white space compared to the rest of the nail. I don't actually like the way a french manicure looks on me, but here is what I used and what they ended up looking like. I painted the white on the ends of my nails and then used a paint brush soaked in acetone to remove the excess and create a line. You can't tell, but from the side, the nail polish looks thicker than regular polish. I hope this helps.
    HardAsWraps 1.JPG Nails 1.jpg
  9. My mom uses a product called Nail Tek, it gives the look of acrylics if you layer it consistently. Her nails always look great. I use Nail Envy, also by Opi, it's a little thinner and lighter but can be layered.
  10. Katie - your nails look amazing!
  11. Thanks! I still think they look a little strange since I have such tiny nails, but it's definitely much better for my nails than acrylics and so much cheaper.
  12. I would like to know about this aswell... Is it a french polish or color polishes?
  13. nope havent heard anythin' like tat, wish i did!! cos ive been practically livin in my french manicure acrylics 4ever!! (i c my manicurist lady every month for infills :s lol )
  14. Thanks for your input everybody. I was working today but noone inquired about that mystery product even though I spent most of the time in the Nails section :p

    I did some online research but mainly found sites about Acrylic or Gel Nails and just not anything like they mentioning. Anybody ever heard of biosculpture? ( They are Gel Nails but claim to be not so damaging for your natural nails. They are permanent though.
  15. katie that is really impressive! I don't think I will ever call myself ambidextrous again. I could not do that with either hand.

    But I did want to console you about your nail-beds. Mine are like that, or some of them are, all mine are so mixed up, the index finger is actually long, but my ring finger is much worse than yours, it is almost a Prince Charles grade nail bed, and keeping that little zoo of various bed sizes shaped and with ANY polish on them is about the extent of my capability.

    But you got skillzzz, you should go to nail school and become a Designer!