Anybody know what color the big kelly is in Wall Street window?

  1. It looks like etoupe togo, but not sure - may be gris? Has anybody seen it or know for sure what color/leather it is.
    Not interested in the bag, but I do like the color and leather, maybe in something smaller.
  2. why didn't you go in and ask?
  3. lol...Baggs, you are funny.
  4. I am afraid that if I do, I will buy something!
  5. I thought it was gris tourterelle but I didn't get that good a look at it. I was utterly fascinated by the Harley, to tell you the truth. Heh.

    Why not just give them a call to ask? That way, your wallet is safe ;)
  6. ^^HA!! I spend more on the phone than I do in the store!!!
  7. Really? That's so interesting to me. I almost never buy anything from them over the phone. I like to see the stuff, touch it, smell it :graucho:, and I am very anti-return when it comes to my H boutique. On several occasions when I've bought stuff I ended up not using/not liking, I've actually sold it at a loss to avoid having to do a return at H!
    I have also learned the hard way that especially with the leather goods, I really need to see them in person to know if the item is exactly right for me.
    Thus, the Victoria FT has sadly fallen off my wish list since I saw one in person the other day. It's gorgeous, but it just doesn't "fit" me right. :crybaby:
  8. Cynthia, I think you are right - I think it is gris tourterelle. On reflection, I think I like etoupe better maybe, anyway. Probably a good thing, since there is more etoupe than gris T.
  9. i love the gris tourterelle and etoupe, but when i think of my clothes and what would i pick up to wear with them in the fall and winter, it would never end up being etoupe or gt. so, i will admire those here on tPF...i suppose we cannot all look great in everything, right? lol.