Anybody know this Burberry Prorsum bag? Ellora?

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  1. eBay: Authentic BURBERRY 150th Anniversary 2007 Ellora Bag (item 290059763521 end time Dec-15-06 03:05:32 PST)

    I saw this bag few days ago while browsing eBay and really liked it (though no money for it). I saw this exact bag whenever I pass by SF's Burberry boutique on my way to school and would turn my hand to admire the bag :heart:

    The auction has now ended (#290059763521) but I'm curious how much it costs in stores and is it selling already? I can't find this bag online anywhere else.

    This bag is so pretty... ...
  2. I haven't seen it online either... sorry I can't help...

    Have you tried contacting Burberry?
  3. No, I was afraid the price would be astronomical and my jaws dropping in front of the SA. I'll go check it out at the boutique next Friday after all my exams are over to fill in my deep curiousity >__<