Anybody know the Hermes Dalvy bag?

  1. Hi all,

    I recently found an Hermes bag at a consignment store in San Francisco, and the owner of the shop showed me an older Hermes catalog where the bag was listed and the name was given as the "Dalvy" bag.

    Do any of you have this bag or know a bit more about it? I know we all love the Kellys and Birkins, but this bag was also very stylish although I hadn't seen it before.

  2. I don't have one but they are very pretty. Saw one on Luxury-Zurich not too long ago. :flowers:
  3. Ooh, ok. I will check that out in case there's some info. Thanks! :smile:
  4. I posted a few different Dalvy bags over the last few weeks in the ebay/website finds thread. Dalvy bags are gorgeous!
  5. LZ still has that Dalvy in Ostrich! Lovely bag!!!!
  6. I saw one at the Chicago Hermes store about two years ago in black box and palladium hardware. They are hard to come by and you dont find them a lot. It was a very beautiful, rigid bag, similar to a rigid 28 cm kelly. I didnt buy it as it was too dressy for my life, more like a bag you would carry to the Met or the Kennedy Center when wearing a street length cocktail dress.
  7. theres one in the refernence thread i think hold on let me check
  8. Has anyone purchased one of these lately?
    I was checking out the reference section and was impressed with the bag. Do they still make these?
  9. I have heard that they are discontinuing them, but I am not 100% sure.
    There's actually one in a Hermes boutique (inside of a department store) near me, and funnily enough it's FOUR years old and still sitting there!
    That being said, it's absolutely a beautiful bag. Very ladylike and elegant. I wouldn't necessarily consider it an everyday bag, but I guess it depends on your lifestyle, really. I know for me the single strap, which is just long enough to be carried on the forearm or in your hand, wouldn't work for me on a daily basis. I wish it would, though!! I am sort of in love with it.
  10. Don't think it is being produced anymore, but they are around. Nice looking bag if you want an under the radar "dress" bag from H. Mostly in box leather.
  11. I fell in love with a black box Dalvy offered by a reseller last winter and called the boutique to inquire about it, as I had never seen one and I was told it's not made any more.

    I bought the black box and then a raisin box. LOVE the Dalvy. It's so as gracekelly said ^^^ dressy, structured, virtually unknown. Also very reasonably priced.

    black box:

    raisin box with no flash:

    raisin box with flash:
    black box dalvy 1aa.JPG raisin box dalvy.jpg raisin box dalvy1.jpg
  12. oooh, i was hoping/afraid you would post that gorgeous raisin box dalvy.
    LOVE that bag.....

    It is too dressy for me, at this point in my life, but I do love it so.

  13. Thank you CB! :heart: But it doesn't really have to be paired with dressy clothes - a long simple dress works very well...and wools, tweeds...and I wear mine out with jeans, too - why not?? You can, you'd rock this puppy girl!
  14. you are so sweet....I love that raisin bag. sigh!!!

    You are is versatile, like most H styles can be.

    I am going out tonight and it would be perfect with my jeans and white linen shirt.