Anybody know of discount ticket type things for CA attractions?

  1. I've seen the pass for Seaworld/Disney/Universal for $200-something, but we're only going to be there for 4 full days so I don't think we'd even be able to get to all of that.

    Anybody know of any other offers for the attractions in LA/Anaheim?
  2. Costco in Vegas sells discounts for most of the parks/attractions in CA. You might want to check Costcos website.
  3. I looked, but only saw hotel stuff. Hmm. Maybe I missed it. Thanks :smile:
  4. If you're a AAA memebr, sometimes they have things.

    Medievel times has cheaper tix on their website, than in person.
  5. Costco does have a list of CityPasses; look through them and you can maybe pick up a Hollywood one, a San Diego one, etc. depending on what you do. (They also have that $200+ one you were talking about.)

    You'll want to go under Floral/Gift/Events, and then click on Tickets/Gift Certificates.
  6. Which attractions are you looking for in particular?

    I'm a theme park addict, so here's what I know off the top of my head:

    Sea World has a special where if you pay for a day, you get the rest of the year for free - it's called the Sea World Fun Pass. It's a good deal if you might be out here again this year.

    Disneyland has a 2Fer right now for So Cal residents, so if you go with someone who is local, you can actually visit both Disneyland and CA Adventure for the price of just one park. The person who buys the tickets has to show proof of CA residency - usually a driver's license.

    The Wild Animal Park and the San Diego Zoo are amazing to visit. I am a member there, and I have some bus and tour coupons - PM me if you want me to send them to you, as I will never use them!

    Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain are also fun - more for people who love roller coasters and rides.

    Universal Studios and CityWalk are not actually that exciting, but most people feel like they need to go there at least once when they're in So Cal. Same goes for Rodeo Drive and Hollywood. Maybe someone else can weigh in here - but if your time is limited, I'd skip these and go with the places I listed above.


    The Entertainment book often has 2-for-1 deals.
  7. I'm not sure where you work, but I am a teacher and was able to get great prices through even though I'm technically not through the district anymore.
  8. Thanks guys. :smile: I work for Wellpoint, which is a huge company so I'll have to check out if the discounts include anything fun :smile: