Anybody know much about Huskies?

  1. I really want one when I get my first house. If any of you saw "Eight Below" with Paul Walker you'll know why. Huskies look amazing and I would love to have one, one day but I don't know much about them.
  2. I had a dog growing up that was half husky..I always wanted another one..she was the best dog ever..BUT My PHH convinced me to get a SHiba Inu...and now I love that breed to death...I have 2 now as you can see from my avatar.Its important to do research on a breed and what kind of lifestyle you have....I have 3 acres of property for my dogs to run and thats important for some research on the web...itll help alot.good luck-let us know what happens!I have quite a bit of experience with puppy training now too as my Ripley gave me quite the workout in this area..LMAO....he is a tad precocious and only 5 months old..
  3. Please don't get one if you live in a hot climate. Even with air conditioning in the house, my friend's poor husky wraps himself around the toilet to keep cool. It's really sad, he hates the heat, he hates going outside.
  4. Hehe I live in Minnesota so the winters will be nice for the husky but our summers here are humid...

    The only thing i know is that they're really active but I will definitely do more research.
  5. they are sooo cute.
  6. they are so cute. a former neighbor of mine had 2.
  7. They are beautiful dogs but need to be kept cool. That's just about how much I know about them.
  8. They are great dogs but need LOTS of excercise and brushing. My aunt used to have one years ago. Even though she took the dog trailriding almost everyday (the dog followed behind her horse) Nikki (the husky) never got enough excercise!! This led to naughty behavior such as trying to jump the fence when she was outside, etc. They also have a very high predator/prey instinct...Nikki actually killed my other aunt's bunny:sad:

    They are wonderful dogs, but make sure you interact with alot of them before you get one. Maybe check out a husky breed rescue? Sometimes a young adult can be ALOT more manageable than pups:smile:

    Good luck! :smile:
  9. I had a husky a few years ago. They are one of the sweetest and smartest breeds I've ever owned. HOWEVER:
    -they will RUN so keep it on leash at all times and never leave it unsupervised in the yard...Miso took off 3 times when I did this and ALMOST got hit by a car once.
    - they will DIG. so if you like a neat little garden, you will need to train it not to dig..and maybe even build a little sand box for him/her
    - they will CHEW almost anything they can get their paws on. One of the most important commands for this breed in particular is "NO BITE" and a big bottle of Bitter Apple. They will chew wires, your couch, your shoes, your wall. They are 50-60lbs so can be very destructive if left alone and bored. Crate training is highly recommended and so are Kongs and Nylabones. :biggrin:
    - they SHED all year round. It's not just the odd fuzz's entire clumps when the seasons change or a whole cloud when they 'hug' you...which they will since they love their owners and strangers alike. Brushing is essential and although they are 'short coated', they have 2 layers of fur and the under layer sheds constantly and so their coats need a lot of attention.
    - they tend to have genetic eye problems so buy from a BREEDER that is responsible and screens their dogs and *****es prior to breeding.
    - they will JUMP. You must train them not to. Puppy classes are highly recommended for this breed as they are very very smart and very very active and will need an outlet for their seemingly boundless energy. At the age of 5 months, Miso was able to pull my then boyfriend (160 lbs) on rollerskates with a halter and leash, up and down our street. They are also known to be able to scale and jump 6 ft fences. Don't think that a 6 ft chain dog run will keep it in. They can dig, chew, jump and crawl their way out.
    - they have a HIGH PREY DRIVE. they will chase squirrels and kill them if you don't watch them, so please..ON LEASH and SUPERVISED at all times. Miso got out of her crate when she was little and killed a kitten. So again, a secure crate!!

    That's all I can think of, off the top of my head. They are gorgeous, lovng pets that want nothing more than to curl up with you when you watch TV or go on 6 hour hikes with you (ON LEASH!!) They get along with cats and other small pets if raised with them but you should always have your eye on them.

    Visit this site for more information: SHCA Home Page

    Hope that helps!!

    ETA: Here are a few pictures of Miso

    Miso with her 2.5 ft long chew bone (she finished in a week)


    Miso as a pup


    Miso grown up in her summer coat (not as fluffy)

  10. We had a husky. He died at 13 a few years back..:crybaby: His name was Koda. We named him Kodiak after a place in Alaska..

    We loved that dog. :heart: :heart:

    However, yes, they have to be in a cool climate. They need LOTS and LOTS of exercise!!!!! They are very hyper dogs!!
    They also blow their coats twice a year. A BIG MESS....

    They are runners!!!! You have to watch them very carefully!!!!
    They will take off on you!.....
    We had Koda take off a few times. And their FAST!!!!

    They aren't running away really, just running!!!

    They will kill rabbits, sometimes kitty's...:wtf:

    Aside from all that, if you are prepared for the rest, they are wonderful pets...
    Very loyal. Good with kids. Smart!!!


    Good luck!!!!
  11. All I know is that they're cute, snuggly, and that my friend's Husky shed a LOT when we lived in California (military!)
  12. Very good advice. Great dogs, but they are not for everyone or every situation. If you don't have a huge yard or a passion for marathon running, I wouldn't go there. JMO
  13. A friend of mine has a Husky and she is a dog trainer. The Husky -- named Brett -- is an absolute sweetheart but everything mentioned above is very true. She said this is her first and last Husky!

    Brett has managed to eat/chew up their entire house. He ate all the cushions off the couch in the living room and then chewed the legs off the piano bench. Her 16YO daughter made a new bedspread in a quilting class and Brett ripped it to shreds. They live on 40+ acres and it's fenced so they are able to give him plenty of exercise -- but being outside he gets filthy and picks up burrs. He requires a LOT and I mean a LOT of grooming.

    He's a gorgeous dog for sure. And SMART!!! He can open the doors within the house and they had to put a padlock on the closet that holds all the food for him and the other dogs -- he figured out how to get into it and kept eating all the food!

    Her daughter is now dating and Brett doesn't like any of the guys - haha! There is one boy who drives a Mustang convertible -- the love of his life and Brett pees on all the tires whenever he can. :lol:
  14. The most important question you should ask yourself when getting a dog is: What do I want out of this dog? Are you looking for a running companion? A dog that's good with kids? A guardian? A low maintenance lap dog?

    As others have pointed out huskies are working dogs. They have a lot of energy & they need to run. They were born and breed to do it, and if they can't do it, they will find a way to release their energy (home destruction).

    Here's a great website to learn more about the different groups of dogs. The Online Dog Encyclopedia - Find the group that best suites what you're looking for in a dog, and then investigate the dogs in that group.

    I have to say that I hate it when Disney makes movies about dogs. :rant: They show these cute animals, make they do heroic or adorable things, but they don't include a disclaimer saying that real dogs don't act like the dogs in the movie. They did this with 101 Dalmations, and thousands of people bought dalmations, not realizing how hyper they are, and they gave them to shelters when they couldn't handle them. I wish Disney would be more responsible with animal welfare.

    Good luck finding a dog!
  15. As an owner of TWO sibes right now...I can tell you...DO NOT GET ONE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE CUTE!

    And let me tell you, they are cute...cuter than I could ever have imagined. As puppies and as adults. They are sweet and loving and fun and goofy and smart. Too smart.

    If you do not establish yourself as the ALPHA dog they will walk all over you. When our Kodiak was a puppy, we would literally flip him on his back and lay on top of him (okay, not full body weight but so he couldn't move around) AND we'd even 'bite' (not hard) on the top of his nose because that is an Alpha behavior.

    When I say No...Kodiak listens. Usually...but even still not always. And we were never able to train him to walk on a loose leash. I can hardly walk him by myself without getting my arm pulled out of the socket.

    As a puppy (and they are puppies until they're 3) ... He ate all our wedding candy before the wedding. He chewed on the coffee table corners. He destroyed a pillow and blanket. He dug up holes in our back yard...and tore a tendon tripping in one and it cost us $5,000...and he still limps.

    It's like having a child but you can put them in a kennel. :smile:

    Having a TON of toys, bones, etc. for him and our girl to chew on makes all the difference in the world. They haven't dug up our back yard in a couple of years. And the only thing they like to tear up is kleenexes and napkins...and only when they're bored and want to complain to us.

    Quinn is an excellent hunter. She's killed at least 6 squirrels so far. And they chase the cats...but haven't killed them (yet). My MIL's Sibe has killed several of her cats.

    I discourage ANYONE from getting a dog just because it's cute. That is one of the #1 reasons why dogs get abandoned and taken to the pound. You'd be surprised how many pure bred dogs (Siberians, Malamutes, etc.) are abandoned. People think they're so cute and fluffy ... but they're a pain in the butt! And they misbehave so people think they're a bad dog...but it's not that they're bad, the people just don't know how to train them properly.

    You have to have a fenced yard unless you never plan to let it go outside off leash (my MIL has a run for their Sibe since they have no fence). They WILL run and they WILL NOT come back. We've had each of ours get out once and it took 12 hours to find one of them...she was several miles away by the train tracks. NEVER let them off leash. And even with a fence ours got out...Quinn dug under the fence and squeezed out of a hole so small you almost can't believe it. They are superior escape artists. They learned quickly how to open their large kennel door...we have to use bungees to keep the door shut.

    So while I highly recommend dog ownership, do it for the right reasons.