Anybody know how to use flighttracker?

  1. My DH and DS are flying back home tonight from Denver, CO to Memphis, TN. They are flying United and the flight no. is 5824. My son had told me earlier that it would be easy to track them on, but he was wrong. :smile: Not so easy for me. All I can get is how to buy a ticket from there to Memphis, and how much it costs. There must be some special place on there that I'm not seeing where you can actually see the plane in flight.

    I just checked mail and they had e-mailed me from the airport that the flight would be at least 2 hours late. Can anybody help? I'm wanting to see if they have actually taken off, so I can figure when they will land and then I can figure on the time it takes to drive here. But I can't "do" fighttracker. ?? Help, anyone?
  2. go to just enter the flight number and the date and you'll see the plane's flight track.
  3. wow that is so cool I didn't even know you could do that until now
  4. Ooh. Thanks so much, NYCBelle. I really appreciate it. :heart:
  5. you got it :tup:

    that site is amazing. my bf referred it to me. he flew to HK last week and i tracked his flight. you would think they would fly across the US going west and over the pacific but his flight actually went up towards canada over greenland then over russia then down to HK. its amazing. you will only be able to track the flight once they take off...keep refreshing once they're off and you'll see the little plane moving along the track
  6. Yes, flight patterns going west are strange. We had the worst time trying to get from Memphis to Sacramento several years ago. One airline actually had us going EAST to Atlanta, with a long layover there before going some strange route to finally get to Sacramento.

    They haven't taken off yet, evidently. I'll do the refresh thing like you said though when they do. As I've told my husband (many times), I'll find out 'such and such' from tPF. If I do a search, the answer has usually already been covered. Once again, this site is just amazing. Thank you.
  7. yeah it tells you that they haven't taken off. also when they do take off it shows the altitude and speed of the plane. pretty cool. my SO flight was also delayed by an hour
  8. Well, it had LANDED. (which I now noticed it said - in clear red letters. :rolleyes: That's why it showed no data. DH just called and they were in the airport parking lot in Memphis. Yeahh. But I missed the "exciting" flight, lol. But now everybody who reads this will know how to tract specific flights, so it is good info to have. Thank you again.