Anybody know how to organize a yard sale?

  1. We've got a lot of things accumulated in the house that I need to either give away or sell. Any advice on how to have a yard sale? Is a lot of work and time? Maybe I should just donate?

    There's a lot of furniture, home furnishings, artwork, kitchen tools and small appliances...mostly things that were replaced with newer models as they became outdated, and new things that I bought because they were too good to pass up and never have used.

    I don't particularly care to list on eBay as many things would be difficult to ship and more appealling in person than online. Plus, I don't have the time or patience.
  2. Have you tried craigslist and/or pennysaver? My bf's mom posted a dining set and china in the penny saver and the phone was ringing offf the hook! It's a great way to sell and have the buyer come to pick up.
  3. Get some neighbors together and make it a neighborhood thing. I am organizing one for next month. I spoke to the alderman and he is going to get our street blocked off so we will have plenty of room to set up. I will be informing the rest of the block this week, and I intend to finish the day by having a BBQ for everybody involved. The week before I will start posting signs locally, and putting up online ads. I spoke to one of my co-workers, and she is going to set up a table of her stuff as well.
  4. yeah, i would definitely post on craigslist and maybe also in your local paper.
  5. I have never held a garage sale nor do I plan on doing so.
    Just donate to a charity organization or something like that. It's for a good cause and you save a lot of time and work.
  6. We had a huge yard sale before we moved from the states to the US. We advertised in the Penny Saver, our local newspaper, printed up nice signs (Using Microsoft Publisher) and placed them in grocery stores, on the side of the road (where allowed), etc.

    I'd suggest organizing what you have by type. Put all of the kids stuff in one section, kitchen in another, decoration in another, etc etc. Also, be sure to have a rainy-day plan! We stated on our fliers that it would be on our driveway, and in case of rain to come around the house and it would all be set up in our basement, which worked out very well!

    We ended up making well over $3500 in one day. People bought large pieces of furniture, fitness equipment, old Disney VHS movies (we no longer had a VCR and I didn't want to take them with me).

    If you can, I would hold it on a Saturday & Sunday!! Saturday seems to be the Yard-Sale-Hunting day in a lot of communities, and lots of folks will stop by on Sundays after shopping or heading home from Church
  7. I have sold a few things (baby furniture)on Craigslist. I have met good and crazy people. I prefer to donate, but a couple of things had good value, and I didn't feel like moving them to the I sold them.

    I wouldn't hold a yard sale at my home, and if I did...I would close the garage, and make sure every entrance to my home is locked tight. Do not under any circumstances let strangers into your home.
  8. Yard sales can be great, but do take some work. Make sure to price everything first, or you will get flustered....also, don't start too early, and mark your signs and ads..."No Early Birds!!" otherwise, all the 'professional' garage sellers (people who scout garage sakes to sell on eBay) will come and offer you a lot less than you can get from regular buyers.
  9. Hi...I just had one last weekend!!! After having many over the years...I only do it one day...Saturday, and only until about 1 o'clock (people always think the good stuff goes after lunch there are not too many visitors!)! Start early (at least 8 am, 7 may be better), and have things put out nicely!! I don't price anything, because it is a pain in the butt....and I always figure that some $$$ is better than no $$$ and still having the take an offer if it is reasonable!!!! I always arrange for Salvation Army or some other charity to come on the same afternoon, or the following Monday to pick up the items that didn't sell...
    I think it is a grerat way to make $$$ quickly, with little effort...and I wouldn't be doing anything on a Saturday morning anyway!!!
    I made about $500...and had mostly baby clothes for sale!!!
  10. A yard sale is a wonderful idea!

    The #1 thing you must do is: ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE! With EXCELLENT directions! Post signs with balloons attached if possible so that your sign stands out. Don't just put your address on the sign, either. Draw arrows directing people along the way. Some people just assume that everyone else knows the way to their house. There are people that will get frustrated looking for your home and leave. This = no money for you.

    Put an ad in your local paper and Penny Saver in advance. Post signs throughout the area at least a day in advance. If your sale is going to be held "rain or shine", say so in the ad and on the posters you put up. Also, be sure to advertise what you are selling. Furniture, toys, clothes, whatever....

    One thing I would not recommend is putting your phone number in the ads or on your signs. Your phone will ring off the hook with people wanting to come the night before and wipe you out. It's not fair to those who plan to stop by on the actual day of the sale. They get there and all of the stuff has already been picked over. To me, it's bad yard sale etiquette.

    I would start early. Very early. 6:30-7:00. You will get early birds who are looking for all of your best items before the rush comes along. And no, they're not all trying to get it for free. They just want your BEST stuff. And who cares what they want to do with it after they buy it as long as they pay your price? Just stick to your prices early and then start lowering the prices later if it's not selling. It's silly to turn away money (that's the whole reason you're having a yard sale) - so welcome them! I've never understood people who say "no early birds". I usually leave and don't go back. I feel that I shouldn't have to beg someone to take my $$ for "stuff" they don't even want anymore. To me, they are nothing but control freaks. Sorry, I digress.......

    Make sure you have lots of change (ones, fives and tens) before you get started.

    It doesn't have to be perfectly set up for people to look through. Yard salers are hunters. They love digging in boxes for a treasure. Simply group things together that go together and neatness is good but it doesn't have to look like you've spent hours setting it up.

    It sounds like a lot of work but to me, it's really not. It's just a matter of advertising and getting the things in one place (garage) that you want to sell. The rest is easy! We've been going to yard sales for years. Love them! We've also had a few in the past. We've made thousands of dollars before lunch - just selling things we don't want or need anymore.

    Keep an open mind. Know the prices you want to take for your things but be willing to go lower. Not everyone is out to rip you off. The idea is to sell the things you no longer need and make some money. You may want to price your "firm price" things a little higher than what you know you actually want. That way, when people start to haggle (and yes - they WILL haggle), you can afford to lower the price and meet your target amount. Hope that makes sense.

    Have fun!
  11. Thank you for all the helpful advice. I don't really feel comfortable with the idea of strangers coming to our house, especially since we just had the landscaping completed.

    I may just donate, even though the employees always keep the best things for themselves instead of contributing toward the cause. Oh least I've done my share.
  12. This thread would of been useful a few years ago if i know. I had one and NO ONE came!!!!!! lol
  13. Make GOOD SIGNS - big and CLEAR!!! and with arrows - then post another one down the street etc. I usually just drive around and when I find a sign I follow - nothing to follow I go to the next. Also balloons - gets attention!