anybody know how to clean this?

  1. hello everyone
    i just found my 3 yr old burberry bag's got stain on it
    i don't know what's the material call but it's beige and got plaid and someone riding on a horse on it
    does anybody know how i can get the stain off?
    many thanks

    btw, my burberry umbrella is broken. they told me they don't do repair lol
    what should i do?
  2. That's the Classic Equestrian Knight canvas... do you have pics of the stain?

    I just use a mild cleanser (like Woolite) with a damp washcloth, rub the area and wipe with a clean damp cloth.

    Ask them who you can send it to for repair.

  3. thank u addictedtolv
    i'll dry woolite and see how it works
    i think the stain came from my hand because there's a big blue finger print
    i suppose the blue colour was from my jeans
    and i think i might need to go to an umbrella repair shop