Anybody know anything about Cockapoos?

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  1. Hi guys.........As I was dropping off my other dogs at Doggie Daycare with my Mom, I saw the CUTEST dog ever, a gold Cockapoo named Freddy.........He was so sweet, and the owner even let me pick Freddy up........He didnt bark, bite, give me the "evil" look!! you guys know anything about this breed and price ranges as well? My mom has 2 dogs, and I really would like to have my own doggie! :p

    Plz help!
  2. please don't get one, they're just overpriced mutts. if you want me to explain why 'designer' dog are bad, i will how about going to an animal shelter and finding a similar dog? there are many nice, cute dogs/puppies in animal shelters that will die if you but some overpriced cockapooo instead.
  3. okay...........anyone else?
  4. plz help!!
  5. ITA Designer dogs are so inbred that they are usually unhealthy & have short lifespan
  6. I know that cockapoos are the cutest things EVER!!! :smile: but i think that getting designer dogs is bad too not just cause there are homeless dogs all around

    but really because they are inbred and usually have lots of health problems and cost so much to begin with and then you usually have tonns of vet bills trying to care for their weird problems from being inbred :sad:
  7. You may actually be able to find one at a shelter. I'll try to find the article but I read that a lot of "designer" dogs are turning up at shelters all over the country. You may want to do a search on (a database of shelters and rescues) I would never buy one from a breeder. The amount they charge for a mixed breed dog when there are so many homeless animals out there doesn't sit well with me.
  8. i lovelove love cockapoos!
    if you can handle the problems that may occur, (since they are part cocker spaniel, they wil be difficult to potty train) and the prices or the bills, i totally say get one
  9. We used to have one (I assume before they were "designer" -- ours came from someone who should have spayed their dog), she was a good dog and I miss her, but yeah, VERY hard to potty train (I think she was 2 years old when she finally figured it out).

    Check out the shelters, those dogs need homes. Ours just had a Cockapoo, actually.

    Evaluate why you want your own dog, and if you're in a situation where you'll be able to give one a good home for the rest of its life. Then go to a local shelter and tell them what qualities you want in a dog, and maybe they can find you a good match.

    Okay, wait, I just checked your user info: you're 12? You should probably just wait until you're an adult and out on your own to get your own dog. You're too young to know your college plans, and your mom might end up with another dog when you're out of high school.
  10. I have a maltipoo wich is similar, and ive never had any health problems with her, i've had her for almost two years now.
  11. Gosh, the cockapoo has been around for ages, way before the designer dog trend, they're a standard mixed breed, don't get so upset over them.

    I'm sure they're fine dogs, but my cousin's isn't the NICEST dog in the world. Not socialized. Never liked me much. Total momma's boy!!! EXTREMELEY loyal to his momma, followed her everywhere!

    He's at least 15 now and really aging. The Bichon in the family on the other hand is 14 and like a puppy! I LOVE Bichons!!
  12. i really dont think her age should be put into this you guys. one of my friends raised her own dog (cairn terrier, similar to a scottie dog) with ALL of her own expenses (and all of her savings), and she was only in fourth grade!
  13. ^^ Thanks for sticking up for me :biggrin:
  14. The problem with buying "brand name mutts" is that they are generally bred by people whose only interest is making money off of their dogs.

    A responsible dog breeder does all of the appropriate health tests for their breed and only breeds healthy dogs with good conformation and temperament.

    Breeding pups for bucks does not have any benefit other than lining the pockets of someone who is so lazy that they use their family pets as breeding slaves.
  15. Gee, I actually bought a Cockapoo yesterday. I have several friends who have them and they havent had any problems. I dont normally condone buying from pet stores at all, but I know the Manager at this place, and I did NOT pay a designer dog price. I had fully planned on adopting a shelter dog in the next few months, but I ended up coming home with her. (I just fell in love with her). Oh and even though I checked the breeder out after the fact, she was local and never had complaints with her logged with the state (you can check online).