Anybody know about the new Kelly?

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  1. I forgot to say in my report the other day, that my SA told me that there will be a new style of Kelly coming out, I think next S/S season (not sure..). She described it as having a different closure, not the two straps that close in the middle, but a strap (or two?) that one ties in a not...that's all I know I'm affraid...Any of you girls heard about this?:flowers:
  2. Now that you mention it, I remember hearing some talk when I went to my boutique. I was busy looking, touching, asking questions...but the boutique is small and I caught the end of a conversation with the other two SA's. Since I didn't hear the whole thing I did not know exactly what they were talking about. This post is making all come together.

    They were obviously talking about the new bag...
  3. Hhhmmmmm, I'm intrigued. I have to back in today, I'll inquire into it.
  4. Hope this won't replace the classic Kelly we all love.
  5. I don't think they'd ever dare replace the classic Kelly - but they do variations on it from time to time (Sport, Lakis...)
    I'm anxious to see this but it will have to be pretty spectacular to lure me away from Miss Classic Kelly!
  6. I think I was shown a blk/white sketch of the new version, and it was called the 'Kelly Flat', because it was so supple that you could literally fold it up, my SA said more supple than the 'mou' version. The closure looked a bit like the double tour bracelet veraion that doesn't wrap fully around twice -- one of the straps is longer than the other and ties around the Kelly lock. I am sorry but it was a little hard to explain from the little sketch.
  7. Sarah-girl, sounds intriguing! I wonder - do the straps go around top-to-bottom, or side-to-side on flap?
  8. Hi rainrowan,

    It looked as though the straps went through the flaps as with the regular Kelly, but that one was longer than the other. I couldn't tell if it was looped around the other before closing (there seemed to be some type of knot up top with the straps) or if it simply extended out beyond the closure.
    If I go into today I will look at the sketch more carefully again!

  9. Yes, i heard about the kelly flat too !
    Maybe its a shoulder bag ?? I'm waiting to see it in ss07 :nuts:

    There's a new bag called the Lindy too, I have absolutely no idea what it looks like :confused1:
  10. Please report back HG! I am really intrigued as well!
  11. wow, I have to call my SA. This is definately new news. Hopefully it won't be a disaster like the Himilaya! :lol:
  12. I wrote about the new Kelly almost two months ago. I believe the new style is called Kelly II. Here's the thread:

    But nobody responded. My store is getting one in Rose Shocking, but I still have no idea what it looks like.
  13. Not sure if I could handle having to tie a strap in a knot!
  14. sounds interesting! :yes: