anybody into vivienne westwood or samantha thavasa?


Nov 23, 2005
I really like the bags from westwood and ST. I think it's their unique designs that are more playful and less womanly (since im only 22). I think I should use youthful bags before I'm too old to be carrying around a magenta purse with hearts all over it. But their bags are impossible to find in the US! I can only get them when I go to Hong Kong or Japan. Hope an ST opens on the west coast soon.
Anyhow, anyone fellow Vivienne Westwood fans here?
Just saw this thread! Not the biggest fan of Samantha Thavasa but I love Vivienne Westwood. I saw the cutest little pink purse with marni-like handles the other week and have been scouring the internet to no avail...wish it were easier to find.
I have quite a few things of Westwood which I love, her bags are so quirky. I am in England so luckly have access to Westwood stores.
Did you know Selfridges in London does Westwood and they do mail order anywhere.
i absolutely love her stuff.
clothing mainly. Huge fan of her!:smile:
it's so hard to find her items in US though
when i used to live in NY, I hunted through consignment stores for her clothing, but now that I'm in chicago, even that's impossible
I heard last year that there's gonna be vivienne westwood shop opening in NY
don't remember if it was meatpacking district or chelsea.
anyway. yay for westwood!!:love:
I love Samantha Thavasa!

The glitter 7 bag I have is by far my FAV ^___^

You never see anyone with them out here. I love the unique designs they bring out. I get complimented on my glitter bag everytime I use it...
LOVE Westwood - I wear her clothes all the time and living in London have a lot of access to them. However, i've never been that taken by any of her bags - they are ok but I'd rather buy others, whereas with her clothes i'd always buy her stuff over any other designer. I sometimes wonder how much input she has into their design. I love her jewellery though.