Anybody into Car Racing?

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I've noticed a few forum nicknames where there is some allusion to cars. I love racing (and handbags) and my life literally revolves around racing. So I wanted to share what I do when I'm not at work.

    That's me holding the manufacturer's flag for my boyfriend at his first pro-race at Mid-Ohio.

    Any other Pfers hat enjoy racing?
    speedtouringlineup.jpg Race_Car_Team001.jpg
  2. u look hot

    i work for formula one so im very into racing
  3. That's awesome!!
    Our series is in talks with F1 to team up for the US F1 event next summer that should be great since I've never been to an F1 race.
    I always enjoy meeting girls that like helps bring down the cliche that only guys are into cars.
    What kind of work do you do for F1? If you don't mind me asking
  4. I loooooove racing!!! For three years now I have been following NASCAR and have just fallen in love with it!!! From there I have been watching the BUSCH series, Truck, and ACRA series. I have also been wanting to following some of the dirt series, but my family only lets me watch so much racing before they get annoyed. :lol:

    And, since I moved to Baja California I have followed the off-road races that start here in town...Baja 500 & Baja 1000.

    All of friends think I am weird..."I don't understand how watching cars go around in circles for three hours is fun to you?!?" :P

    Here are a couple of pictures for this years Baja 500 when we went to watch the cars do their check in. The Baja 1000 was this past week, but I had to go to San Diego so I missed it. :sad:
    100_0955.jpg 100_0964.jpg 100_0987.jpg 100_0982.jpg
  5. Dirt racing is pretty cool... I'm more a road race kind of gal but the fun thing about racing is that there is something for everyone.

    We don't have any cable at home so we miss watching all the good races...however nothing beats going to the track!

    Thanks for sharing the pics, I always enjoy looking at pics of race cars.