Anybody interested in a Sac De Jour Reveal?

  1. Anybody interested in a Sac De Jour reveal? Went to the Galleria Saint Laurent wanting to check out the shopper with chain, but ended up going home with this!
    DSC_0049 (640x427).jpg
  2. Yes!!!!!! Show us!!!
  3. Here!!!
  4. Peekaboo!!! I see you!! LOL!!!
    DSC_0050 (898x1024).jpg DSC_0051 (1024x839).jpg
  5. Tada!!!! The blue one in small. I'm amazed at how light this is!
    DSC_0055 (1024x867).jpg DSC_0058 (935x1024).jpg
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  6. Very smart and pretty!
  7. That's gorgeous!!! Such a pretty colour!

    E x
  8. That is such a beautiful bag, please enjoy it in good health
  9. Thanks ladies!!���� I'm loving the pebbled leather��
  10. Gorgeous bag. Such a pretty blue!
  11. Wow, the color is so pretty
  12. Love the hue! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. It's beautiful!!! Congrats and enjoy! :loveeyes:
  14. Thanks everyone!!! I love the removable middle pouch, it snaps off so I can take it out when more space is needed! :nuts:
  15. Congrats! Such a beautiful bag