Anybody indulging in a new Chloe from the NAP Sale!

  1. :yahoo:
    Sale time again, quite a few paddys at great prices. I just purchased the red one, as the colour just stands out so much, is anybody else going to indulge :graucho:

    Share please!!!
  2. Picture please! I need to be on a ban, but that what i keep on telling myself :graucho:
  3. Chloe-babe, congrats on the red paddy! I'm not supposed to be buying any bags so I just picked up the metallic paddy clutch! Can't wait to see it IRL ... it looks so darn cute!
  4. oooooh i seen the rouge IRL, it's TDF!!!! congrats CB! :flowers:
  5. I bought my first ever Chloe today. It was the first day of sales in London and I managed to bag a whisky Edith (no pun intended) from Liberty's. It cost me only £296 from £660. That has to be the bargain of the year! So pleased with myself...
  6. Is there different in ordering from US site vs Int'l sites?
  7. I contemplated very seriously about purchasing the red paddy, too, as I always loved the color, but after duties, it came out to a little over 1000 USD...when converted from pounds to I reconsidered...will have to wait for a better deal.

  8. Yes!




    Ahhh which one is going to win??!:graucho:

    Congrats on your latest purchase chloe-babe...!!:yahoo: :love:

  9. Whoa! That is a great price! Congratulations! Glad to hear everyone in all parts of the globe are getting great deals!
  10. ~oh I forgot to mention, I did get a steel metallic paddy clutch though! :p

    congrats on everyone else who got something!
  11. For me the paddington is a bit big but I was checking out the chloe wallets, when I saw that there was a sale on the steel clutch I had to get it! This will be my first chloe ever! I am soooo excited!
  12. chloe-babe, do u live in london? if u are from US, I was just curious what the price ends up being in USD...I always really loved the rouge paddy but too bad I have been saving up for a red bbag... but congrats on ur purchase! and please post pics later!
  13. I bought the steel clutch as well :biggrin: (is this colour the same as anthracite?) If anyone is interested in buying it, it's much cheaper on the US site than on the international site!
  14. Chloe Babe I am with you - ordered the red paddy as well - looks fab colour so cant wait to get it
  15. I got the best Chloe bargains ever today - a medium Betty in light grey (S/S 06) for £280, and a chocolate Edith for £147 (I had a £150 Liberty voucher to use) - what bargains!!!!!