Anybody in here feels the same way as I do??

  1. I love, love, love LV.. But I hate, hate, hate it when the vachetta turns into patina... :sad: My friend said, it's just normal, all LV turns into patina, and it's one way of knowing that your LV is authentic. And she even told me that some people wants their vachettas to turn to patinas very fast... But I feel the complete opposite of that! I feel when the vachetta turns into patina, I feel that my purse looks sooo old and dirty! :sad: And I read in the FAQ section that if you don't want your vachettas to turn quickly into patina, avoid sunlight contact. Oh no! I just went out with my hudson last saturday when we went out to find a new place and it was very, very sunny! :sad: That's why I noticed there's a little color change in my hudson's straps. Next time I'd better be careful... Anybody in here feels the same way as I do?
  2. I love patina.. :girlsigh: when you tire of those lovely Hudson and BH bags you just bought, you know where to send 'em! :graucho:
  3. ^LOL FrankieP!
  4. I used to feel the exact same way, but im kinda getting over the milky whiteish vachetta look.
  5. not me, i like the "new lv" look. i hate patina. my azur speedy still looks brand new because im so scared to use it often. my mono speedy however has this gorgeous patina. i guess i get the best of both worlds right now.
  6. I love both naked leather and vachetta that's developing patina. :love:
  7. i used to feel the same way too. i used to LOVE the naked vachetta. but after seeing my mom's cabas piano with a rich dark honey color, i really like the patina look now.
  8. that's why they invented Damier! un less you like all the LV's than you should live with has vacheeta colored leather trims on their bags that don't oxidize...
  9. I loooove the patina-ness of my bags!:tup:
  10. I can't decide. I like both, but most recently I got a mono Speedy from eluxury and it has the lightest patina I've ever seen. I guess it's because it has the plastic still on the handles, but I'm talking white-almost looks fake. Is this how they are making them now?! It's about 3 shades lighter than the patina on any LV I've ever gotten from a LV boutique in the past. I'm afraid to use it and get dirt on it!
  11. Yes, dearie. I try to keep my bags as new looking for as long as possible. I like the freshness of light colored vachetta. I keep all my bags out of direct sunlight & heat when driving, but not when I'm out walking around...that would be too much effort & patina, though not my first choice, is still lovely and inevitable. I've decided to have some bags light & have some bags more patina'd.
  12. i like only light patina. i hate when it gets dark brown.
  13. ^Me too RoseMary! I love it in very, very light!
  14. I actually don't like it much but l love seeing it turn honey color gradually on my bag :heart:
  15. I like darker patina on the brown mono bags but for multi-colour bags in black or white I prefer the nice new looking vachetta.:yes: