anybody in debt?

  1. just out of curiosity, is anyone in credit card debt because of chanel?
  2. Silence is incriminating, isn't it?
  3. luckily no :p
    i have the lowest ever CC limit, and it helps me to control my habit LOL
    i tend to buy things in cash
  4. I will admit that I have gone into debt over my handbag addiction:blush: :push:

    I'll go even further to say...I have hidden some of my bags from my husband. I slowly reveal them when the time is right.
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  5. Not yet !
  6. I am not in debt but I have over-spent this year because of this Forum. 2 Chanels in 3 mos and looking for a 3rd!!!! Then maybe I can relax and just enjoy them.

    Yes, I too reveal them when the time is right. Also some are subtle so my husband does not notice them right off. This can be a good thing!

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  7. Ha ha! My husband doesn't always notice either! :graucho: Or I just say "Oh it's one of my mom's bags that I am borrowing"

    It's easy to spend a lot on bags. I used to rack up my cc's on them and now I only buy when I know I can pay for it right away. It's too easy to get out of hand. :yes:
  8. No i control myself (even if it's difficult, i confess) but there are priorities ofr which i must keep money.
  9. no but im not buying anything else for awhile.

    i gotta save some money
  10. No debt but what I save each month has DEFINITELY decreased. But then again, sometimes I wonder what a little debt is spread over the 90 years (if we're lucky) we're here...:p
  11. i have been out of control lately, and i'm spending solely on chanel, and been spending more than what i make the last couple months. luckily, no debt yet, i don't think i will ever let myself get there.
  12. no debt, paying everything with cash or debit card.

    why spend on things you TRULY cannot afford, thats just foolish.
  13. Not me! I either pay cash, or if I do charge it, hubby pays it at the end of the month.
  14. i'm not in debt, but it's really hard to stop spending when i see so many purses that i want

    i only buy when i know i have enough money to pay for it at the end of the month

    my savings have decreased, but with my tax refund, it should round out a bit better now
  15. No. I don't have any CC dept. Never will.