Anybody Here With Hypothyroidism?

  1. Just curious. I've have a boatload of things going on with my old body. Today I saw a rheumatologist who suggested that hypothyroidism may be the culprit. I'm getting the bloodwork results back on Friday or Monday. I've read up on this, but much like everything ELSE I've researched, I always seem to have a lot of the symptoms. No diagnosis yet, but lots of symptoms.... :shrugs:
  2. well, I used to have graves' disease but since I no longer have a thyroid due to the radio active iodine treatment, now, I have hypothyroidism.. just wait for your lab results and see if that's the right dx.. if it is, then you will have to take a small pill for the rest of your life....
  3. I'd just add it to the three I've already been taking for 25 years!!! :shrugs:

    My husband thinks I'm nuts for wanting my "issues" to be hypothyroidism but as I said to him, I'd rather know what's causing this and only have to deal with another pill on the pile than to keep having all these things going on with no explanation beyond "you're getting old." :Push:
  4. Well if you do have it, they'll probably have to check your blood count once a month for a few months to determine the appropiate amount of thyroxine you actually need, but once that's done you'll just have to have it checked once a year. They found out I had it when I was complaining of being tired all the time, and now that I take that little pill once a day I feel so much better!!!
  5. ^^^I am SO hoping that this is what's behind everything I've been dealing with, including fatigue. In fact right now, I feel like someone stuck a syphon to my body and sucked out every drop of energy (and I slept very well last night).

    Interesting side note: when the doctor was asking about family members with various health issues, I couldn't think of anyone. In talking to my mother last night, it turns out BOTH my sisters were diagnosed with hypothyroidism and are both on meds. We aren't a close knit family, so I never knew this! However, I'm the oddball of the family so I'm probably "normal" in this situation.

    I'm glad things worked out for you. Cross your fingers for me! :flowers:
  6. Hi Prada. I have Hashimoto's Disease - fancy name for Hypothyroidism. I was diagnoised shortly after having my 1st child. The meds really have made a HUGE diffference in how much energy I have - even lost a LITTLE weight. As with all things, I think it is really important that you find a good doctor, hopefully an Endo, that is up to date on all the latest thyroid stuff. My doctor, who is also Hypo, is really great about keeping my (TSH) level very low - below a 1. My initial doctor was satisfied when I got below 4, which really made no difference in how I felt at all on a daily basis. :cursing: It has been almost 7 years now, with one more baby inbetween, and it has been very easy to control my condition. I still have tired days, but nothing like before.

    Good luck to you. I hope you are feeling better soon.
  7. aka underactive thyroid, yep thats me.
    I have been on medication for 14 yrs and will be on it for the rest of my life.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. I'm 43, and whenever I complain about aches and pains and tiredness, my doctor says, "Well, you're getting older." Sometimes I wish for a diagnosis of something so I could at least deal with it and medicate it.
  9. Hi Prada,

    I have Hypothyroidisim as well...I'm 21 and I've been on medication for 4 years...looking back I probably got it around the time I hit puberty, but it went undiagnosed because I just brushed off all of the symptoms.

    I actually take two pills a day, but it really isn't that bad...if you've already been taking medications its just more to the routine, but make sure if you do go on medication you find out about any possible interactions with things you're already on.

    If you do turn out to be Hypo, I would suggest reading up on the topic. There are lots of little lifestyle tips that can help you feel even better once you're on the medication.

    And if you have any other questions, feel free to PM me and I'll help in any way that I can!
  10. I have Hashi's too. However, my TSH levels have been ok. Hypothyroidism and Hashi's are a bit different b/c Hashi's is an autoimmune disease. W/ autoimmune disease, they go through periods of activity and inactivity. Stress can be a major trigger.

    Over 30% of women have Hashi's and most go undiagnosed :sad: . I am especially vigilant about having my TSH levels checked (every 6 month) b/c my husband and I are tying to get pregnant. They say I will most likely need synthetic thyroid post-pardom.

    Good luck. :flowers: The thyroid is a tricky thing!!