Anybody here listen to Sigur Ros ?

  1. OMG I love their music especially Glosoli and Seaglopur, what songs do you guys like and what do you like about Sigur Ros ?.

    I like that their songs are different and great videos :tup:
  2. :shrugs:

    Never heard of them/him/her/it. :smile:
  3. Honestly, I think they're a bit overrated. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're pretty innovative, but for a while every damn critic was on their jock, hardcore.
  4. Yes, I love Sigur Ros. Great music to fall asleep to/relax.

    Do you listen to echoes on npr at all?
  5. I saw them in LA a few years back. it was a good show but I gotta say I started getting sleepy halfway thru....
  6. I still don't know who they are???? Please answer.

  7. poor chris! they are a band from Iceland. check this out:
  8. they are ok... not in love with them but I do like other artists from that genre.
  9. I loved agaetis byrjun (sorry don't know how to do special characters) especially staralfur. It always makes me think of xmas time in san francisco. I loved it even more after The Life Aquatic...
  10. :confused1: But thanks for introducing them to us.
  11. Love them! Saw them in NY two years ago and met a photographer from Iceland covering their show too. It was a great time!