Anybody Here Have Both Speedy And Keepall?

  1. Hi
    Is there anyone who owns both an authentic Keepall and a Speedy. Wondering about the handles. Should they be the same? May have gotten a high grade replica (ha) This was made in USa, by the way.
    Thank you.
  2. I have several speedies and a keepall 60 and yes, the handles are the same. There are authentic keepalls that are made in USA too.:smile:
  3. Me too. The handles are the same. My keepall 50 was make in France and my Speedy was made in the USA.
  4. Thanks. I think I might have gotten stuck, but am going to LV boutique to check them out. (the handles seem fatter to me. Thank goodness I paid with credit card.)
    The alleged keepall is actually made in USA. I had emailed Carol Ives about USA models being fake. She said they are very few, but she has seen them!
  5. Aren't fakers usually sell bags that are made in Frace because that is all they know? I even saw a Mizi Vienna on eBay that had "Made in France" on a tag when in fact authentic Mizi Vienna is made in Italy.:lol:
  6. You're right. They usually do. That's why I was surprised by this. I could be wrong about it. Maybe I'm paranoid.
  7. Oh I hope not! Keep us posted...
  8. I have a Keepall and several speedys, and the Keepall handles are a bit on the fatter side. They are made the same way, but they are wider.
  9. Here is a visual (HTH)! From left to right: keepall 60, speedy 30, speedy 25.
  10. UPDATE

    About the keepall vs. Speedy handles...I actually went to two boutiques to see about a strap. I went to Saks; they only had a 50, 55, 60, I am always trying to get them to do it, because they're not supposed to authenticate only. They have to sell, after all. So I told her " I guess this is a 45 keepall. I want to see the difference between this and the 50. She said, "Oh, I see. She was really looking at it." I told her the 50 seemed big, but I wanted to make sure. Then I asked about a strap; she said they didn't have any, I could call customer service. (I did buy the little round zipper coin purse while I was there; the real cute California was sold out except for the display model. So that was out.) So I trotted up the 50th to 59th with my bag and I said a strap, so she basically found me one...showed me the banoliere version. She looked under the leaf to see which model. There was no question. I looked the handles; they are a little chunkier, but beautifully made. The chunky thing scared me me, a little. Maybe I dodged a bullet here.:biggrin:
  11. Yup..I have both MC speedies, a vintage monogram 30, the cerises, and a keepall 45. And they're all the same..I sat and compared them one day lol.
  12. Do you mean the same in size or in terms of looks/ stitching placement etc? Because I always thought the Keepall handles were thicker although they look the same stitching-wise etc.?
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