Anybody here from Hong Kong??

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  1. Hi everybody!! I recently purchased a Marni bag on eBay...and I PROMISED myself that I would never buy anything designer on eBay (I had a weak moment). Anyway, the seller claims that she bought it from a boutique called Joyce, which is equivalent to Barneys. Is this true??? I was in HK for a few days last year and I know counterfeit items can be found just about everywhere there, so I wanted to ask you lovely ladies and make sure counterfeit items aren't sold at Joyce. Please let me know and thank you so much in advance!!
  2. I was recently in HK and Joyce would not sell counterfeits -- its quite high end.
  3. Clake---you're fabulous. thank you!!
  4. smallbag-Joyce boutique is a legit place for designer brand. Just make sure the seller really bought it from there and not just "claiming" to....