Anybody here afraid of flying??

  1. I'm leaving on Saturday and flying to Jackson Hole, WY via Denver (two flights). I am soooooo afraid of flying even before the terroist threats. Besides Xanax - does anyone have any tips for trying to calm down and enjoy the flight? I know in my head that its the safest way to travel but if and when the plane starts getting a bit bouncy from turbulence, I'm a basket case!
  2. I am afraid of flying. I really try avoid taking a plane anywhere as a means of transportation unless it is necessary. I would rather drive for days or take a train. I also don't want my children on planes at all.

    If I have to take a plane, I try to make myself fall asleep. If I am awake, I am pretty much nervous until we land. I probably make others nervous because I have a panic look throughout the entire flight.
  3. I'm afraid of flying, especially since 9/11. Years ago I flew pretty regularly. Just try to remember that although it seems we are hearing about flight-related incidents all of the time, they are really very rare. There are SOOOO many flights in the air every day, and its been a very long time since anything happened to one/on one in this country.

    If I had to fly again out of necessity I would. But if I can avoid the hassle, I will. ;)
  4. don't worry about it, once you are in the air, you won't even think about it. just keep yourself occupy with the entertainment TV, listen to music or get a camomile tea. my husband flies for a living so he always tells me that there is nothing to worry about, just enjoy your flight. if it is a super long flight, i will do my nails, or watch my dvds.
  5. I like absolutely nothing about flying. Dramamine is the BEST! I use it when I fly, it works great.
  6. I just flew last week... 2 airplanes to wisconsin.. and 1 back to nyc...

    The plane was safe. Don't worry, you'll just stress yourself out
  7. I'm not afraid of "flying," but I am deathly afraid that a snake will fall out of the overhead bin and land on me:sad:

    Before I thought about the possibility of a snake getting on a plane, what worked to keep me from getting nervous flying was immersing myself in a good book. I don't try to work or read stuff for school on a plane, just something really interesting that I have been wanting to read for a while.

    And remember, statistically, flying is one of the safest ways to get anywhere. All of the security makes it inconvenient and annoying, but the airline employees are working really hard to get everyone where they need to be safely and on time.
  8. I don't like to fly either, and my dad is a pilot. My grandfather was a pilot too! They always tell me how safe it is, and I know they are rignt, but the whole thing just makes me nervous. I find the best thing to do is keep myself busy reading a magazine, listening to music, etc... I can sleep when I'm flying, it's not comfortable and I'm just too nervous.
  9. my husband is a pilot too and he used to tell me that a little turbulence could be just passing thru clouds, so no worries. but always keep your seat belt on.
  10. I used to have panic attacks whenever I would fly, and have just within the last few years gotten over it. My brother made me feel much better about turbulence when he compared it to driving on bumps in a road, or waves in a boat. I have been told that no plane has ever crashed from turbulence. I can't gaurantee that tidbit, but it makes me feel better anyway!!!
    Also, I try to reason it out, that if you believe that your time to go is destined....then it would have to be everyone else opn the planes time to go, as well.....what are the chances???!!!
    And if all that fails to make you feel better....wash those xanax down with about three glasses of wine...and pass the flight in a drug-induced stupor!!!!
    Good luck....I feel your pain!!!
  11. My fears of flying have increased with every flight I have taken so now I just take a sleeping pill or two and sleep through the whole thing. Some airlines offer seminars to deal with it though, might be a bit more healthy approach.
  12. I'm not really afraid of flying, but I definitely don't like it just because it's so uncomfortable !!! Sometimes I start to feel claustraphobic and after reading books about plane crashes (and how they use cavaders to determine the cause of crash/malfunciton) - that kind of freaks me out !
  13. I am not afraid of flying, I can just get a little claustrophoic(sp?) after hours on a plane. Ways to get your mind off of the fact that you are: sleep, watch TV, listen to music, or watch a movie(if a have a laptop or if you can watch on the plane.) All of these past the time by quicker, and they get your mind on something else. Good luck and everything will be fine. :smile:
  14. i'm terrified of flying. alcohol is the key.

    have a safe trip, hun.
  15. i'm typically all right with flying, although I have to admit "Snakes on a Plane" is now making me queasy about flying ... as silly as it may sound