Anybody heard of "National University" or "Northcentral University"?

  1. I haven't. But National University (La Jolla, CA) has a forensic science Masters program, which is exactly what I'm interested in. But again, I've never heard of it, and it's an online program. Googling it doesn't help much, as it's such a vague name.

    Northcentral offers an MBA with Criminal Justice concentration, which is very appealing.

    But neither seem to require the usual standards of getting into a grad school, so I guess I'm wary. I found them both from, Online Degree Rankings and Directory and Online MBA Rankings which I assumed was legit, but then again, it could be funded by these schools. I know geteducated lists public universities though too... so I don't know, and everybody I know just shrugs :sad:

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Try NAU - National Am. University. They have online programs that are pretty good. Their home office is in Rapid City SD. I went through their online program for ome of my courses. I'm pretty sure this is the place you are looking for.:yes:
  3. Thanks, but they don't have any criminal justice programs :sad:
    I'm asking about the one in CA: National University, San Diego: accredited online college degrees and campus based instruction for adults in continuing education
    My brother says their site looks too good to be real? :/ He always has to rain on my parade. I've never heard of anybody that's gone there, though.
  4. So Sorry. :shame: After I re-read your post, I realized you were looking at a CA location, not where they might have a location. My bad. Good luck!
  5. Honestly, I don't believe that there are any online universities that have truly credible and excellent programs. People take online classes for convenience and end up missing out on a lot -- not to mention that a huge part of getting a Masters, especially a MBA, is the networking you'll be able to do. Public state schools which are less competitive and a lot more credible in the eyes of future employers is probably the way to go if you aren't going to do private.
  6. I'm not looking at "online colleges". I'm looking at colleges that offer online courses. :smile: I'm trying to figure out of this is one of those. They apparently have 20-something physical campuses throughout CA, but nobody I know has gone there. There's a UW school that offers an online CJ program, for example- that is what I want- a traditional school that offers these types of opportunities. There are no schools around here that offer a criminal justice masters besides UW-Milwaukee, and I refuse to go back there. So that is why I'm looking for universities that offer distance learning :smile: Moving is not an option.
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  8. I live in San Diego, CA, and I go to school at UCSD in La Jolla, CA. I've seen a few of "National University" buildings when I've been driving, and I think (though I may be totally wrong) that this is more of an online university or a continuing education university. I don't think National University is an actual university with online courses (it seems to me that few traditional universities offer you the option of online courses unless it's through an extension program).

    I think one of my high school teachers might have gotten a Master's from National University. I just googled National University and only came across its webpage National University homepage/, but if I were you, I'd probably call the numbers that they have listed under "admissions" or "undergraduate" programs and see what information is provided to you. Hope this helps!
  9. NU is about 4 miles away from my house.
  10. I've heard of National University. Be careful as some of these universities are accredited within the state only. Which means, your degree is useless outside of California. Make sure they are nationally accredited before you give them any of your dinero.
  11. Thanks everybody :smile: I think I'll stick to the University of Wisconsin school and forget my passion for forensic science.
  12. Wellpoint requires that the school is recognized by the American Council on Education as an Accredited Institute of Postsecondary Education....
    So if I see it listed on the members list, then it's good, right?
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