Anybody heard of Mika (singer)?

  1. He's all the rage in Canada. I think he is British. Sounds like a cross between George Michael and Freddy Mercury - I'm not kidding.

    Somebody here (in Canada) said that he was on Leno this past week. I've never heard of him in the states but I mostly listen to XM.

    Just wondering if others had heard of him.

    P.S. I'm from the US but am on vacation in Canada (Lake Louise, Alberta)
  2. No. But I know a singer named Mika Nakashima from Japan. :biggrin:
  3. ^ that's the only Mika I know too... but anyone who knows JPOP is most likely is familiar with her.

    i've seen this other Mika on myspace, though... but not very familiar with him.
  4. friends (im canadian) are CRAZY about him!!LOL!
    some songs just dont float my boat but he does have a couple catchy beats :yes:
    good guy!
  5. Yea his songs drives me nuts.. He was a model and once he stole LV shoes from a LV conference :p
  6. She's the one from the movie Nana. Hehe! :jammin:
  7. OMG I LOVE MIKA! never heard about him until i saw the verizon lazr commercial and i loved the background music. so i started looking his stuff up. he's great and really reminds me of freddy mercury ... my sis has QUEEN's album and plays it all the time. drives me nuts!
  8. I love the Grace Kelly song!
    Having fun in Lake Louise Maxter? How's the weather?
  9. Yeah Perez Hiltion is crazy about him, and I have heard of him from there. I do love that Grace Kelly song though!
  10. i LOVE mika!!!
    i drove my SO nuts on holiday in january by playing Grace Kelly over and over.
  11. He's actually Scottish.. They were promoting him on morning TV in Australia as he's here this week or next week.

    He'd does sound abit like Freddy Mercury doesn't he..
  12. That song has been played to death here (Grace Kelly), it's the kind of song you hate at first, then, the more you hear it, the more you catch yourself singing or humming along.
    Why don't you like me? - cos you're a whiny little git, that's why.

    kasumi168 - I don't think he is Scottish, he's been described as a Beirut-born Londoner, don't try to blame us :p

    Can you tell I don't like him much...
  13. i think he's lebanese.. londonbrat has his myspace or a link to grace kelly or something in her sig ;)
  14. god, he's such a breath of fresh air at the moment, a splendid artist... like him a lot!