Anybody heard of escrow help

  1. I got a question from a bidder with 100% positive feedback but he would like to use escrow as is form of payment..He has a confirmed address so how does this work, what is it and how do I ensure Im not being scammed PLEASE help my auction ends soon.
  2. I would do a search on eBay - i am not 100% but I think it is something like a middle-agent that holds the money until the buyer receives the item, and the passes the money on?
    Using Escrow Services

    I found these ^ for you - it should tell you everything you need. I have never used escrow, so I don't know if it is any good.

    good luck
  3. thanks so much
  4. I had a look at these, and Escrow holds your payment until you receive & inspect the item and only then do they forward payment to the seller. Sounds good if your a buyer. Go to
  5. I used escrow to buy my puppy. You get to inspect it before you release the funds, so it'd be a very safe way to ensure you get the real deal.