anybody heard of Charm and luck?

  1. I was at ross today and came across a few of their bags. they had a cute one thats original price of 395 dollars for 114 :amazed::amazed: but i know nothing about this brand. IS it a good brand? is the quality good?? The bag was really cute though....
  2. I think I saw a post somewhere here about one and the one that was called out looked pretty cute!
  3. Yes they're on ebags. But really expensive!
  4. i did want this bag but i husband told me no way even if it was a good deal. he said it was too expensive and i have enough designer purses(though i only have 3 dbs and 1 coach which i have only gotten in the last 2 months haha). i just started my designer collection... I have i dont know how many non designer brands haha but they were cute so i bought them.
  5. He'll get over it eventually. My DH did (as I bought so many this year...)!
  6. im looking into buying a mj next :smile::smile: but i really did like that charm and luck purse. I know if i get any money for christmas its going towards a bag haha
  7. their bags look neat but I have qualms over their links straps - they look kinda clumsy like they can be disjointed? Plus the lining is satin, I'm a klutz with satin, always end up scratching them.

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  9. i hope so... haha He finally got over my make up addiction(i think? haha)