Anybody heard of Carlos Falchi?

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  1. I was looking on ebay and i came across a few cute bags by Carlos Falchi. Wondering if anybody ever heard of them, and know if the quality is good?? Im thinking about bidding on a clutch by him :P :smile: Thanks much is appreciated!!:supacool:
  2. Yes. I don't own any of these bags but have seen in stores. Believe the quality is good...nice leather.
  3. i just found a youtube video about how he makes his bags :smile: I guess a lot of them are python and anaconda skin.... they are cute and the vintage prices on ebay i can afford haha might end up buying a clutch.. though i do want the marc jacobs clutch i have on my watch list.. grr.... Now that I think about it, i saw a few of his purses at goodwill but passed because i never heard of him haha though they were cute..
  4. My mom has a few bags by him. She likes them, although she doesn't really wear them anymore. He sells bags on either QVC, Shop NBC, or HSN (those television shopping shows).
  5. ive just started to collect designer handbags 2 months ago, so i might buy one to have in my tiny collection( 2 dbs and 2 coaches haha im poor :P) I could use it when i go out :smile:
  6. ^HSN has great sales on the designer bags they carry (well not designer as in Fendi, but designer as in Carlos Falchi). I've seen some really nice bags go for really steep discounts at the end of the clearance season.
  7. He sells his higher end line at Bergdorfs & the Bellagio gift shop. He has some skin bags TDF.
  8. He makes super soft great bags. I've seen them at Neimans before.
  9. Very established designer - do a google search for more info :tup:
  10. There was a recent thread about Carlos Falchi bags. I can't remember everything that was discussed, but in general, I got the impression people thought the bags were of good quality and were unique.