Anybody have......

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  1. A silky pop bag? if so how do you like it? And do you have any pics?? TIA :smile:
  2. I don't have one but have seen them in H, they are very pretty but doubt they are up to daily use
  3. Thanks mooks that helps :flowers: I have seen them on and just wondered what they were like.
  4. Keep your focus on a Evelyn or Picotin ;)
  5. littleblackbag, I think they are quite cute, but not really functional. I love most H things, but this one perplexes me.
  6. I love my silkypop. It holds quite a bit of stuff and is pretty tough. I carry it quite a bit unless it is raining of course.
  7. Must keep telling myself that :yes: I get so impatient:nuts:
  8. It'll come round before you know it and think how pleased you'll be when you have it.

    I'm so tempted to get an Evelyn myself as I need a bag that's a bit more throw around and can be used at clubs etc
  9. Littleblackbag, there is something about the silkypop that has me mesmorized. I got to play with one at the store and it definitely felt sturdier than I had thought. However, it simply cannot be high on my priority list right now as I am planning on getting a Lindy. But...if I had an extra grand laying
  10. ^^ Me too! I think it's way cute! :cutesy:I'd even sacrifice an accessory for that! It's so cute. I think I want one ...
  11. littleblackbag - I think the silky pop was H's very chic (but a bit impractical) answer to the "no more plastic bags" movement. With you living in the UK, I would be worried about how the bag would hold up to the weather. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I don´t have one but I really want one. I usually take my lunch from home to work and it´s annoying to carry a plastic bag with my Kelly for example. A silkypop would be perfect for lunch! Just have to save some money first. I really like the Marwari design.
  13. Thanks ladies for your replies. I like that it combines silk and leather :graucho: Not sure if i want one though, i'm just desperate for some H.