Anybody have this bag?

  1. Saw this bag and I've been thinking about it a lot. Any idea what it is called and any colors it comes in? Any opinions? Thanks!!! Style #A29904

  2. colors that ive seen is white and beige

    you can call the boutique and give them the style # and theyll tell you what ligne its from, in my opinion it looks like somthin from the timeless cc ligne but unsure
  3. I don't know what colors it comes in but my NM had them yesterday.
    LMK if you want my SA's phone #, she can tell you more about it.
  4. Last fall/winter, this bag came in a gorgeous burgundy/bordeaux color. I still kick myself for not getting it. It sold out very quickly. (This pic borrowed from goldensX5's showcase.) Fyi, the bag comes in two sizes: small and large...
    chanel goldensX5.jpg
  5. Thanks missbabydolce, Swanky, and Cosmopolitan for your replies. That burgundy color is great!! I thought the bag looked really classy. I got to think about it... I'm also thinking about the Modern Chain flap. Any preferences?
  6. OMG gorgeous collection!!! :love:
  7. hard to compare this to the MC Flap, they're COMPLETELY different bags, from their style down to their leathers.
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